Waterproof Winter Boots

There is no point buying winter boots if they are not waterproof, because all that you'll get is a chill in your boots! So read on to find out about the best waterproof winter boots available in the market and Re-Boot!
Fashionhance Staff
You spent all of last winter feeling drenched to your toes in those useless boots you purchased last winter, the one's that got wet the moment you stepped out into the snow. Well, now that the new season is in, it's time you chucked those leaky boots in the bin. We are here to help you choose the best waterproof winter boots for yourself.
Ice Princess
There is absolutely no reason why you should suddenly stop looking attractive when you're known for your great sense of fashion. Winter won't hold you down and it shouldn't. There is no need to wear those old-fashioned bulky boots that made you feel like a lumberjack. Now, there are amazing varieties of winter boots for women that come in an array of attractive colors and designs, especially the knee-high boots and the stylish waterproof ones that keep you warm and cozy and make you look beautiful as well. What's even better is that women's shoes have so many varieties and choices that it's difficult to settle for just one! Some of the amazing waterproof winter boots for women in the market are:
#1 Merrell Women's Winterbelle Peak Waterproof Snow Boots
A mid high boot that will ensure that your feet stay dry and warm. These Merrell shoes are made of waterproof suede and nylon that has been insulated with Merrell's Opti-WarmTM insulation. These boots have a fabulous zigzag pattern for the lace, however, it also comes with a zip, for more convenience.
#2 Keen Women's Betty Boot
Keen Betty is the Queen of all winter boots! It looks wonderfully sporty, yet sleek and very much wearable for daily wear. These boots come with KEEN. DRYTM membrane. It also includes the unique non-marking carbon rubber outsole, which gives you an excellent grip both outdoors as well as indoors on wooden floors. There have been rave reviews about this brand and its next to perfection designs, when it comes to footwear.
#3 North Face"Abby III"
These high fashion waterproof winter suede boots are the in thing. They are hot and happening and neither the snow nor the sleet will come in your way. These mid-calf boots with laced up fronts have amazing insulation and come in colors of light brown, dark brown, sunny tan and black.
#4 Columbia's Classic Sierra
These waterproof snow boots are super cute, super light, fuzzy from the inside and well designed. They come in a variety of styles and patterns to choose from and even color coordinate if you want to.
#5 Keen Chamonix Boots
These waterproof boots are made with suede and are both stylish and practical in design. You can wear them almost anywhere, in a shopping mall, in the pub or even for a date. They are lined with boiled wool that will make sure you stay warm and dry.
Men in Boots
The men's footwear department is not deprived, in fact quite the opposite, winter boots seem to come in many varieties and materials, such as suede boots for men. Clearing out the snow from the front yard, hiking, hunting or simply picking up the kids from school will no longer feel like a task, as these boots come with super grip rubber soles. No way the slush will drag you down. These boots are bound with the best insulation in the market and are guaranteed to keep your feet warm and dry. Also, waterproof winter boots for boys are really creating a buzz. These boots look great with their trendy designs, feel great and last really long. Some of the good boots for men and boys in the market are:
#1 Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot
Sorel has introduced new and trendy waterproof shoes, which come with molded thermal rubber and full grain leather. These also include synthetic textile, which has been tailored to fit a full seamed design. There is no chance that snow or dampness, will penetrate these shoes. Longevity guaranteed!
#2 Timberland Men's Rime Ridge HP Waterproof Premium Boots
These amazing and rugged looking boots come in the shades of deep brown, black and guess what...wheat! That's an unusual color, which happens to look great on this design. So check them out, and find out what we are raving on about.
#3 North Face Chilkats
These sturdy and rugged waterproof boots come with powerful insulation and do not wear and tear that easily. They will last many winters to come.
#4 Columbia Bugaboot
These have been around for over 16 yrs and have stood the ultimate test of durability. They are sturdy, long-lasting and reliable.
#5 Thermo 6 Waterproof
Being recent. This one has newer technology in its favor, it has all the required features and more.
Cool Kids
Who wouldn't want kids to go out and play in the snow but there is always the fear of them getting ill or worse getting injured if they slip and fall. Fortunately, these days waterproof winter boots for kids are more readily available. Kids being kids need a lot of activity to keep them from getting bored, these boots allow them the freedom and the safety to go ahead to do just that. When buying kids shoes always buy them with a size half-an-inch bigger, so that they can still fit into their boots and shoes next season. Some of the best ones are:
#1 The North Face Boy and Girls Alpenglow Boots
These boots are simply superb, when it comes to keeping your child's feet warm and dry, throughout this winter. The boots have a quilted rip proof upper, which is made up of 100% recycled P.E.T (polyethylene terephthalate). It also has a removable inner lining which is made of felt and has mylar for greater insulation. These boots have an adjustable hook and loop system at the brim (instep) of the boots, which ensure that it fits every kid, who tries them on. The boy's boots come in shades of black, and blue with black, while the girl's boots come in baby blue and baby pink.
#2 Sorel Youth Cub Recycled Snow Boot
These shoes are absolutely frost and water-resistant. They have been made with a lot of care and have a fun design to them. The material is made up of 100% water-resistant nylon and includes sturdy skid free rubber shells. Once again these shoes have the lock and hold, looping system, which allows kids to slide into these boots without fretting over nasty laces. Affordable and long-lasting. These boot come in a combination of red, yellow, and black, deep blues, black, while and lavender pairings. Fun colors for kids to choose from.
#3 Columbia Bugazip Boots
These boots have all the necessary attributes, they are slip resistant, light, waterproof and insulated. These boots come with a zip, which allows your child to fit into the shoes comfortably.
#4 Salomon B52 Gore-Tex winter Boots
These boots are made with Gore-Tex material that are both waterproof and durable.
#5 The Kamik Okemo Boots
These boots have an upper made up of synthetic leather, they are light and come in feminine shades for small girls to be thrilled over.
So don't let your feet drown in your boots! Go get yourselves the right waterproof winter boots.