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How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

How to Spot a Real Coach Bag When Everything You See is Fake

Many designer bags get replicated; and Coach bags are no exception. Read the Fashionhance article to understand how to spot a fake Coach bag, and save yourself from getting ripped off.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Whether you're shopping online, or standing inside a store (not departmental stores), it's essential that you know if the Coach bag you're buying is authentic or not.
Tip #1
Coach bags and purses have a signature "C" pattern which is lined up perfectly at the center. However, the mini-signature "C" collections can be a bit off, aligned toward the sides. The pattern will be lined, beginning from the middle of the front panel on the bag. The signature style for bags and purses will have two C's that are next to each other in doubles, and not in a single row of C's. The front and back pocket patterns will match as well; this means, it's a mirror image. The pattern should not seem as if there has been a break in the middle or new C's emerge from some other place. One way to be sure is to check the pictures of the specific bag before you shop for one.
Tip #2
There is an interior serial number inside all the bags. This number should begin with a "No", which is an abbreviation for number. Along with it, you will see 4 numbers after the hyphen, not 3. The stamp will be neat, and not crooked. There is a paragraph in English above the serial number which is in all caps. The fake bags will not have a serial number.
Tip #3
Once you purchase the bag, you will get a dust bag that comes along with it. If you are making a purchase online, then you may or may not get a dust bag. However, if it's an accessory store and you do get the dust bag, make sure that it's dark chocolate brown in color with red drawstring. In the bottom right, you will find a stamp that reads "COACH EST. 1941".
Tip #4
When you want to detect a fake, along with checking for the C's, see if the "C" actually does appear like the letter "C" and not "G" or "O". This is a common way to spot a fake Coach purse. Think about it for a second. If the brand's name is Coach, then how can the bag have a "GG" or "OO" print on it? A very obvious way to spot a fake.
Tip #5
Now, let's go over some minute details.
  • Pay close attention to the stitching. The fake purses will have cheap threads that may be pulled out from some places and may not look sturdy.
  • When you open the bag, inside there should be a square-shaped leather panel. On it, there will be a Coach creed which reads - This is a Coach Bag. It was handcrafted in China from the finest materials trimmed with genuine leather. Its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect our commitment to enduring quality. If this creed is missing, then it's a dead giveaway.
  • Also, the leather on which this creed is present will be pressed on and the panel will be stitched. If the creed isn't pressed on the leather and panel is glued in, then the bag is a fake.
When you come to think of it, there are many minute things which you can keep in mind while shopping for a bag or any other designer handbag. While purchasing designer handbags, there's always a concern of getting ripped-off and getting stuck with a fake bag or purse. To save yourself from being cheated, always consult with a friend or coworker who knows the difference.
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