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Shoe Size Conversion: US to European

Shoe Size Conversion: US to European

The shoe size conversion US to European chart will help you to find the right shoe size. Sometimes the conversion can make things difficult to understand, due to the different standards of measurements used.
Bhakti Satalkar
When one talks about shoe size, he is talking about the alphanumeric indication of the fitting size of a shoe for a person. More often than not, it is an indicator of the length of the feet. The shoe makers often do not provide different widths in shoes, for economic reasons. The shoe size systems used around the world are different than one another, both for men's shoes as well as women's shoes. The differentiation is made in what is measured, the unit of measurement used and where does the size start, either 0 or 1. There are very few shoe size systems in the world, which also take into consideration the width of the feet. In some shoe size systems, there are also different types of shoes. Let us take a look at the conversion chart to convert US shoe size to European, but before that we shall try to know how to derive shoe size.

How to Derive Shoe Size

I am sure you have a question how to measure shoe size. To derive the shoe size, it is the length of the foot, which is taken into consideration. It is actually the distance between two parallel lines, which are perpendicular to the foot and is in contact with the most prominent toe and the most prominent part of the heel. To measure the foot length, the subject has to stand barefoot and the weight of the body equally distributed on both the feet. More often than not the size of one foot is slightly bigger than the other. For most people, it is the left foot which is slightly bigger than the right foot. Hence, both feet are measured and the shoe size is decided based on the measurement of the larger foot. Each shoe size is suitable for a small interval of foot lengths. Any normal size shoe has an inner cavity, which is typically 15 to 20 mm longer than the foot. This relation is different for different types of shoes.

Shoe Size Conversion US to European

Converting US shoe sizes to European is not as difficult, but it certainly can be a little confusing. When you convert US to European shoe size, it is the half sizes, which actually pose the challenge. For example, the US shoe size 2.5 for men is 35 European size. Whereas US shoe size 4 for men is 36.5 European size. However with the conversion chart it will become easily understandable.

Men's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size
USA European
6 39
6.5 39.5
7 40
7.5 41
8 41.5
8.5 42
9 43
9.5 43.5
Men's Shoe Size
USA European
10 44
10.5 44.5
11 45
11.5 45.5
12 46
13 47.5
14 49
15 50

Women's Shoe Size

Women's Shoe Size
USA European
5 35.5
5.5 36
6 37
6.5 37.5
7 38
7.5 38.5
Women's Shoe Size
USA European
8 39
8.5 39.5
9 40.5
9.5 41
10 41.5
11 42

Children Shoe Size

Children's Shoe Size
USA European
1 16
1.5 17
2 17.5
2.5 18
3 18.5
3.5 19
4 19.5
4.5 19.5
5 20
5.5 21
6 21.5
6.5 22
7 23
7.5 23.5
8 24
8.5 24.5
9 25
9.5 26
Children's Shoe Size
USA European
10 27
10.5 27.5
11 28
11.5 28.5
12 29
12.5 29.5
13 30
13.5 30.5
1 32
1.5 32.5
2 33
2.5 33.5
3 34
3.5 35
4 36
4.5 36.5
5 37

With these conversion chart, I am sure you won't have any more doubts about the right shoe size for you. Especially when you travel to the European nations, or you want someone to get you a particular pair of shoes, that you have liked over the Internet or may be when you order one yourself.