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Bootcut Vs. Straight Leg

Bootcut Vs. Straight Leg: Which One Wins a Place in Your Wardrobe?

Jeans are the most common and popular casuals worn in recent times. Bootcut vs. straight leg jeans are going to be our subject of comparison in the article ahead.
Narayani Karthik
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Nothing can beat the essence of this statement made by Yves Saint Laurent - "I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." No wonder why this is a mandatory item in every wardrobe! They are the most comfortable and convenient attire for any occasion in life. They are in fact the best casuals invented by man and can go with any accessory. And they seem to just get better with time! They come in various styles today, such as jeans for tall women, short women, and so on.
Difference Between Bootcut and Straight Leg
There were days when jeans were the only clothes which never bothered you with choices. You see them, you put them on and, romp off! But now, with so many options for different body types, choosing the correct kind is bound to confuse you. Bootcut vs. straight leg is like choosing one between two spirited fashions. So, before making a choice, it is necessary know the difference between them.
Bootcut: These are fashionable and at the same time comfortable, worn mostly high or low in the waist with the girth tapering near the knee and then increasing towards the ankle. They have a flare wide enough to cover your shoes. In the earlier days, they were a favorite amongst sailors. This is because, the loose fitting below the knee enabled easy rolling/folding of the jeans, even in messy conditions.
When buying these jeans, one must take care of the cut of the material and the fitting. Slimmer people can opt for those with a low rise. Plump people can choose a pair with dark shades in the thigh region. This makes the figure look slim. Usually these jeans look good on tall and healthy people, as they are good at disguising curves. Hence, they are best for curvy women! They pair best with boots. Nowadays they are worn by men too as they add an extra cowboy touch to their masculinity. They are suitable for holidays, casual meets, catching up with friends or family over dinner, and other fun-filled occasions.
Straight Leg: This pair is a popular outfit among petite women, as it makes them appear taller than they actually are. They are straight all over the leg and do not taper or flare below the knee. In short, the girth of the jeans is same at the ankle and the knee level. Unlike bootlegs, they end just above the ankle. For both men and women, tall boots go well with this type as it can be tucked inside boots to enhance the style factor. Wedge heels, pointed and peep toe pumps, platforms, etc., are some of the best shoe accessories to be put on with these jeans for women. They are apt for formal occasions. However, women can also put them on for clubbing and other occasions and look absolutely fab!
Boot Cut Vs. Straight Cut
It definitely puts one in a dilemma when it comes to bootcut vs. straight leg. Both are dashing attires that go well on different occasions with different shoes. Owning either of them is definitely a necessity. But before you go about pinching your wallet for either of the types, understand the difference and their style factor. Then decide which one would look good on you depending on your height and figure.
In the battle between both, we side with the straight leg ones. What about you? Do let us know!
Bootcut and Straight Jeans
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Bootcut and Straight Leg Jeans