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How to Get Dooney and Bourke Discount Coupons

How to Get Dooney and Bourke Discount Coupons
Are you looking for coupons from Dooney and Bourke? This article will give you information on the places where you can get hold of discount coupons for Dooney and Bourke products, as well as some coupon codes.
Deepa Kartha
People who are crazy about fashionable accessories and designer bags must have definitely heard about Dooney and Bourke. It is a company which manufactures handbags, watches, briefcases, bracelets, belts, iPod cases, jackets, sweaters, scarves, wallets, shoes, etc. Although there are a variety of fashionable accessories under this brand name, it is the handbags and wallets which are the most famous.
Dooney and Bourke was founded by Peter Dooney and Fredric Bourke in the year 1975. Though the company began with the production of classic suspenders and surcingle belts, by the year 1982, it had entered the handbag business. One of the most popular products is the All-Weather Leather, which is a handbag that is waterproof. Even though Dooney and Bourke had modest beginnings, soon celebrities started promoting this brand, firmly establishing it as one among the top designer names.
Getting Dooney and Bourke Discount Coupons
Dooney and Bourke products range between USD 20 and USD 625. Though this does not make these products very expensive, it is not something that everyone can afford. Hence, the company provides a few discount coupons, that can be availed to get these products cheaper. The problem is that not everyone knows where they can get hold of these coupons. If you are one among them, take a look at the information below, that tells you the places where you can get these coupons.
Dooney and Bourke outlets are places where you will get the accessories of this brand at very cheap prices. It is said that the products are sold with a 20% discount on the actual price. This makes these outlet stores a paradise for shoppers. One thing which makes people avoid going to outlets is that they think that the products available there have some kind of defect. This is not true, and even if there is a defect, it is so small that it does not affect the appearance in any way. The best thing about these outlets is that these are the places where you can get discount coupons for certain purchases. This is a great way of saving some extra money.
Apart from outlet stores, it is also possible to get coupons online. There are several Internet sites which provide printable coupons too. Other than this, there are also sites where you can get coupon codes. Though this is one of the best ways of getting discount coupons, you have to be very careful while using them. This is because not all coupons will be accepted at every outlet. Hence, it is important that you read the coupons clearly, as well as note the expiry dates, so that you do not have to face disappointment or embarrassment.
One of the easiest ways of getting some coupons is to sign up for their email list. You just have to visit the Dooney and Bourke's website where you can become a part of their email list. As a member of this list, you will become privileged to receive coupons and other special deals.
So, try these places to receive coupons and get that stylish designer handbag you have been eyeing for a long time.