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10 Online Fashion and Beauty Stores Like ASOS

10 Online Fashion and Beauty Stores Like ASOS

ASOS is one of Britain's most popular online shopping portal, with legions of its fans living across the Atlantic as well. However, shopping at a singular site can get a tad predictable, which is where this Fashionhance post delivers assistance. We're giving you 10 amazing alternatives to ASOS, full of refreshing new things to shop.
Renuka Savant
A handy tip

Online stores usually ask new visitors to register their email address with the site to avail fresher's discounts. Therefore, it is better to create a separate email id for this purpose, as each site you register with will flood you with alerts and notices rather frequently.

Allowing people to shop in the relative comfort of their homes has been one of Internet's greatest innovations. E-commerce is a thriving sector today, and customers sure aren't complaining.
ASOS―short for 'As Seen On Screen' is a UK-based fashion and beauty store aimed at young adults. The company sells 850 brands, as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, with websites targeting the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, and China, and ships to over 200 other countries.
But despite all the brouhaha over the fabulousness of ASOS, boredom is bound to creep in. Which is precisely the reason why we're giving you options to branch out. Take a break from ASOS and browse these just-as-fabulous sites for some valued bargains.
It's not so much a crying fit as it is a plea for attention. Boohoo gives you an interesting collection of clothes and accessories to complement every occasion. Quite in the same space as ASOS, this online store brings you the best of British fashion at your fingertips. The best part though, is that the stuff here is slightly cheaper when compared to ASOS.

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Shopbop heavily concentrates on bringing catwalk-inspired pieces right into your closet at a fraction of the cost. Sounds like a good deal? It sure is, which would make you want to check out the site, asap. Also, they have a good collection of accessories to boot, so if you're not too much into clothing, there's still some incentive for you to check it out.

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And since we're on the topic of British retailers, here's another legend which goes by the name of Topshop. The store basically thrives on the concept of value-for-money shopping, and offers amazing goodies at irresistible prices. The snooty lot may look down upon it as much as they wish, but a good bargain should never, ever be tossed up for no reason.

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Forever 21
Forever 21 is a brand that has gone beyond customary introductions. This American store has lots of options, but just like its name, they seem to be aimed solely at (really) young adults. All said and done, they offer an interesting array of casual clothes and accessories at down to earth prices.

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If you're among those who breathe and dream celebrity style, Singer22 should be a great find for you. Through its 'celebrity pick' section the site lets you in on pieces worn by A-listers like Cara Delevingne and Eva Longoria, along with upcoming fashionista, Kendall Jenner. Of course, don't expect these pieces to come at throwaway prices.

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Karmaloop mainly focuses on urban street wear, so those looking for staid fashion can skip it. They have a really long list of brands known for their sporty, casual style including Converse and Married to the Mob. Affordable pricing is their USP, making it the perfect portal for shopping casual style.

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Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe offers some chic picks at highly watered down prices, which does push you to visit the site at least once. On doing so, what you see may or may not appeal to you as much, as the site is mostly aimed at the younger lot. However, there's no stopping you from hunting for a fabulous bargain, as the site seems to be full of those.

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Nasty Gal
This portal has a phenomenal fan following among those whose style is more in the rock-chic genre. You'll be able to find all things grungy here, like distressed denims along with crop tops to match. So, if this is particularly your kind of style, do check out Nasty Gal.

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Of a Kind
Of a kind is one website which prides itself on selling wares that are unique and 'of a kind'. The collection here is fresh and eclectic, and there are high chances that you haven't seen this stuff elsewhere. This is one site that has clothes which make you want to experiment, no matter what your style statement may be like.

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Urban Outfitters
It's hard to leave Urban Outfitters out of this list, owing to their popularity. They have some amazing pieces for the boho-chic kind, aimed particularly at the free-spirited ones. People may have some strong opinions about the stuff sold on the site, but the collection is definitely worth a look.

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They say that the time you spend doing the things you like can never be considered a waste. So, with these websites like ASOS, indulge all you want with these fabulous shopping sites, and consider it to be time well spent. If you've got your own favorite portals, do make it a point to share them with us.