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10 Really Good Online Stores Like Urban Outfitters

10 Really Good Online Stores Like Urban Outfitters

Looking for clothing stores like Urban Outfitters which are not exactly like Urban Outfitters? You've landed at the right Fashionhance post, as we're giving you 10 amazing options which are in the same league as UO, but still are a bit unique.
Renuka Savant
For those who came in late...

Urban Outfitters is a multinational apparel corporation based in Philadelphia. They also retail accessories and housewares along with their clothing line, all of which are distinctively kitschy and are aimed at a largely hipster crowd. Urban Outfitters was the brainchild of Richard Hayne and his former wife, Judy Wicks. They co-founded the brand way back in 1970, opening the first store in the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

It didn't take too long before the store caught the fancy of hip college goers with their edgy clothing that came with a hint of bohemian.

So if you're looking for something that's somewhere in the line of UO, but not completely there, here are 10 amazing stores to choose from.

Online Stores like Urban Outfitters
The merchandise found in UO stores mostly lie in the pocket-friendly to slightly OTT range. The list of stores we have for you is therefore in a similar price bracket―a little more and a little less.

ModCloth Because of their indie designs, which the company claims are "one-of-a-kind".
ModCloth have made it their mission to democratize the fashion industry by bringing cutting-edge style at (seemingly) down-to-earth prices. And yes, they're only retailing online, so there's no hassle of finding a store in your city or the closest one.

Besides the seriously good clothes, accessories, and home décor pieces on offer, there are several reasons to fall in love with ModCloth. Their wares have a serious "New Girl" vibe to them―and thankfully, they don't just cater to women who survive only on thin air. Another wow-factor is that they've pledged not to photoshop their pictures, so what you see is really close to what you get.

Shop right here:
Anthropologie Because Anthropologie is cut from the same fabric as UO.
Yes, Anthropologie is brought to you by the same guys who own UO, so you're bound to find some similarities in the wares. You're probably thinking of the higher pricing bit here―but hold thee horses for a while. We're asking you to take a peek at the sale items which put all your coveted items in the slightly OTT, yet affordable range.

Pieces offered on the site lean towards the quirkier side, but they do come with an unmistakable feminine touch. If money is not your biggest concern (lucky you!), take a look at their 'online exclusive' section that lets you buy awesome stuff in the comfort of your home, which you wouldn't find in the store anyway.

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Madewell Because you love denim, and this is just the place to be.
The folks at Madewell are jean magicians, so much so that they've even come up with a super-soft version of the original 'worker' pants. They say their denims feel like yoga pants. Incentive enough to grab a pair right now, methinks.

Madewell has an interesting collection of no-frills kind of totes that are perfect for work and play. They also let you monogram it if you so wish. All in all, don't come here if you're looking for a lot of flowery, pretty little things. These guys are no-nonsense when it comes to clothing and accessories, and are more hipster than you can imagine.

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ASOS Because they have whopping 850 brands, plus their own, under one roof ...err... website!
This British store is another online-only fashion destination for women and men. With the high number of brands they stock, it is very easy to find pieces you actually like to fit your body and your budget. Their prices range from USD 5 to 500 and beyond, with lots of sections and subsections for you to navigate. And they do ship stuff across the pond for free. If there is indeed a shopping heaven, this has to be it.

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Of a kind Because, duh, their stuff is one of a kind.
It really is! Well, think of it as an Etsy for clothing and accessories. They guys in charge of the affairs at Of a Kind take great pains to handpick up-and-coming designers, and feature their work on the site. If you're the eclectic type, and avoid going for mass-made fashion, this sounds just the website for you. And then later, if the designer manages to strike gold in the world of fashion, you'll already be in possession of some extremely coveted stuff, having paid much less for it. If there ever was a win-win to shopping, this has got to be it.

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Of a Kind
AllSaints Because they deliver edgy fashion that is more classic than punk.
If you've reached that age when it's no longer appropriate to channel your inner punk in public, and yet are dying to do so, try the clothing at AllSaints. Almost all of their stuff comes in shades of black, white, and gray, well mostly black―lots of which is in leather. Sit back, and get clicking, my friend.

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francesca's Because everything is so affordable!
If you haven't gotten over your Forever 21 budget, you'll be delighted to shop at francesca's. Lots of cool stuff which includes clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and lots more comes at under USD 30 apiece, which is just too divine to resist. Remember not to expect the sky at these very earthy prices, though.

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Boden Because you want to dress up like Kate Middleton or Benedict Cumberbatch.
Boden brings you great British style, and while it may not be French or Italian, it's still "bloody brilliant". Preppy and with a distinctive stiff upper lip to match, Boden's style is simple and classic. Of course, the British wouldn't want it to be anything else now, would they?

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Ruche Because you're a sucker for all things vintage.
If you're among those who think you don't belong to this era, Ruche has a lot that can cheer you up. Their clothing makes you feel like you're working for Mad Men's Don Draper, sans the sexist attitude, of course. Chic, sober, girly, and very affordable are words associated with stuff sold on Ruche. Perfect place to find apparel that is lady-like and budget-friendly.

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Nasty Gal Because you want to enliven your inner rock chick.
Nasty Gal is one helluva store for some just as nasty designs. You'll find a lot of crop tops, distressed denim, dresses with weird prints, and the lot. They even have some stuff categorized under 'tomboy florals'―a veritable conflict of sorts―but is so worth a look. Of course, a nasty gal wouldn't expect anything less.

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Nasty Gal
Shopping, as we all know, is a matter of great delight regardless of how broke it leaves us at the end of it all. Along with these sites, you're bound to have your own favorites which are in the same vein as Urban Outfitters. Make it a point to share them and include others in your quest for some quality retail therapy.