Fake Coach Purses

Can you spot fake Coach purses? Are you carrying a fake one around? Get answers to all these questions in the following article.
What exactly are fake Coach purses? You might have seen at some point in your life, a local shopkeeper selling handbags belonging to big brands like Coach, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. I'm sure your mind would have banged you with questions containing too many "ifs" and "buts", but as they say, if your ifs and buts were candy and nuts, you would all have a merry Christmas! Those bags are the exact replicas of the bag-giants like Prada and Louis Vuitton with a fake brand label attached to it. These bags are completely identical with the original ones, which makes it very difficult for us to differentiate between them.
How to Identify Fake Coach Purses
Now, the question is whether to spend big bucks on an original masterpiece, or buy a fake Coach purse and save the original one for your pay-day! If you are spending big bucks on an original piece, it is pretty obvious that you would want to save yourself from buying a counterfeit product and be sure on how to spot a fake one. The most commonly imitated purses are the ones in the signature monogram range. So, if you are thinking of buying one from this range, you need to be extra careful. Sometimes, forgers try to replicate designs of Coach's patchwork collection and many other popular designs.
Know your Coach Purse Well
The most effective defensive measure towards solving this mystery is to research deeply on these products. If you want to spot a fake piece of any expensive thing, you need to first get acquainted with the product. Ever seen how a jeweler can instantly spot a fake gold piece? Researchers say that, the counterfeiters have become so skillful in replicating these designer products, that only the original manufacturer can tell the difference. However, that's not true. I believe, any talented fashionista who owns a decent number of branded handbags will be able to make out the difference between an authentic one and a fake one, by just looking the zippers, the colors, the fabric, and its stitching. In simple words, you will be able to spot a fake Coach purse only when you know how does it feel to use a real one. What you can do is, spend ample time in a Coach store, researching and feeling the look of the original product, before buying it from the Internet. Also, check the prices and other the price details of different ranges and collections. If an Internet shopping website is offering a discount of USD 200 on a USD 300 bag, you should expect something to be wrong with the product. Coach is such a giant luxury leather brand, that even the wholesalers cannot afford to sell their bags at a discount of 50%!
Look Inside, Darling
The weight of a real Coach bag differs drastically from the fake. The reason? Well, how obvious can it get here. Luxury leather brand and an ordinary manufacturer of fake purses, will obviously not buy leather and other raw materials from the same supplier! The leather and the material used in a genuine bag is authentic leather, which is heavier than any other replica leather. Obviously, a genuine masterpiece will be much heavier than the fake one. Also, there is an FAQ about "Made in China" bags. Don't worry, Coach does manufacture some of its range in China as well as Turkey. However, made in Korea and Thailand sounds fishy.
Observe the Detailing and the Fixtures, Minutely
You will get a Coach purse on the Internet for a 50% discount only when its quality has been killed and the materials used are cheap ones. A great idea is to check whether the zippers used are high quality ones. In most cases of fake purses, it has been found that the forger vendors online, use a cheaper quality of zippers and chains. Take a magnifying glass and see if the pull part of the zipper is made out of leather or not. If not, it is certainly not a genuine product - have no second thoughts! You can also examine the letters on the part of the zipper that does the actual zipping. The letters "YKK" should be imprinted on it. Another great tip is to check the monogrammed "CC" pattern on the purse. If your instincts find out any minute change in the pattern of "CC", listen to them. Bag-giants like Coach, spend millions and take extensive measures to ensure that the highest quality of their craftsmanship is involved in the making of each bag. These details are often ignored by the online vendors, as they just want to make money on the Internet. Try to take a closer (zoomed) look at the bag that you are buying online. Avoid buying one from the websites that show only smaller images.
I know, some of these measures are next to impossible to check online before buying the merchandise, but you can claim any defects even after the delivery. Make sure you always use the PayPal and credit card options, as they provide full amount protection. Furthermore, you can always call on the company's helpline or customer care number to ensure if the serial number of your purse is authentic or not. In case you do not want to spend a lot and yet flaunt a Coach design, there are a number of websites that sell fakes.
Lastly, I strongly recommend buying a Coach purse from its outlet or any Coach store itself, for those of you who are privileged enough to have one in their town/city. For those of you who have to buy it through the Internet, the above guidelines are more than enough to spot the fakes.