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Fake Glasses

Fake Glasses
No matter if you want to don a cool look or appear a geek, you can get fake glasses for each of your avatar. Read on to know more..
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Until a few years ago, people with glasses were mercilessly teased and mocked. Glasses were associated with the most uncool, studious and nerdy kinda folks. Soon, time changed and so did people's perspective towards glasses. Nerds became the new cool ones. Those who needed vision correction flaunted stylish frames, much to the envy of those with flawless vision. However, with the arrival of fake glasses in the market, even people with good eyesight can wear specs. Fake glasses for men and women are available in various styles, shapes and sizes. What's more, you can also get cute glasses for kids.
Fake Glasses or Non Prescription Glasses?
There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding fake glasses and non prescription glasses. People are often left wondering if these glasses are same as non prescription glasses. The answer to this question is both, yes and no. They are indeed non prescription glasses, but non prescription glasses do not necessarily mean fake glasses. Confused? Well, there is another form of non prescription glasses that is very famous and sought after by youngsters, gangsters and movie stars alike. Yup, you guessed it right, sunglasses!
Sunglasses, which are a type of non prescription glasses, are also called 'fashion glasses'. Sunglasses can not correct vision defects and are used merely to up your style quotient. They may perform other functions such as protecting your eyes from dust and bright sunlight. A few of them are also equipped with a UV protecting film, which prevents damage due to UV rays.
Non prescription fake glasses, on the other hand are similar to the prescription glasses or reading glasses, except they do not have the functionality to correct your vision. They are purely worn for achieving a smart, sophisticated or at times, a geeky look. They are made from clear plastic or glass and come in various styles. These days, people are going for bigger, chunkier and bolder frames instead of delicate, thin or even rimless frames. These glasses often come cheap, at around $10 a pair. Thus, you can have one in every color to go with all your outfits.
Most people who wear fake glasses think that wearing these glasses makes them look intelligent and smart. Interestingly, many defendants use this trick for court trials in order to achieve that decent and sophisticated look! However, fake glasses may not always come to your rescue if you are aiming for a suave look. You have to take into account the structure of your face and your overall personality to decide whether fake glasses can have desired effect on you or not.
Where to Find Fake Glasses
Normal drug stores often sell the cheap reading glasses for people with presbyopia. Optometric stores need a prescription and only sell glasses for vision correction. But there are other stores where you can get fake glasses that look as real as prescription glasses. Walmart, Claires, CVS are some of the stores where you can buy them. These glasses are also available on innumerable online stores on sites such as eBay, Amazon etc. You may find a large variety of fake glasses in various colors, sizes and styles on these websites. However, make sure you choose one that will suit your face the most. Also, beware of duplicate glass manufacturers who may ship you a fake version of your favorite brand. Fake glasses can also be found at joke shops and game stores.
Always buy quality fake glasses, else the lens might damage your eyesight. Lenses made from quality material do not induce any unpleasant effects on your eyesight. Also, take proper care of your glasses to protect them from getting scratches.
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