Outfit idea to wear to a rock concert

Cute Outfits to Wear to a Rock Concert

Any rock music enthusiast will wish to portray the rock-punk vibe at a concert. To that, Buzzle gives you tons of ideas on cute outfits to wear to a rock concert, and 'wow' the people around you.
Put an outfit together depending on whether ...
  1. it's an indoor or outdoor event.
  2. you'll be standing the whole time, or are there any seats available.
For a seasoned attendee, putting an outfit together for a rock concert is effortless. On the flip side, for someone who hasn't been exposed to such events before, the process can be overwhelming. Attending a concert should be a thrilling and an adventurous experience where all you do is enjoy the music, and mingle with energetic fans.
Which is why, it is essential to dress smart, and not get swept away by mindlessly following current fashion trends. Let this Buzzle article be a guide that helps you pick an outfit, and gives you ideas on what to wear to a rock concert.
Tomboy in Denim
This is a look you can pull off with your eyes closed. Without having to buy a completely new outfit, you can put an outfit together with items you already own. If you begin to ponder the color choices and combination, black is definitely your best friend. Add minimal yet complementing accessories. Plus, for an outdoor event, a pair of denims can go a long way. You never know how or when the weather might change; so it's good to be prepared beforehand.
Feminine in a Dress
If you feel that a dress would fit an outdoor performance, don't shy away from putting an ensemble together. Depending on the weather, plan the outfit in such a way that you won't have to carry too many items with you at the event. Be as rocker chic as you want, or be feminine and elegant with your choices. Remember, whichever way you choose to dress, needs to reflect both worlds―your individuality and the music.
Comfortable in Shorts
Give your legs some room to breathe, and choose your favorite pair of shorts. Even though it has a casual look, you can tweak it a bit to suit your personal style. Wear a dark loose-fitted rocker tee or a dark-toned crop top (an indie rock must-have) with the shorts, and you're golden. Grab a cool baseball cap and the right accessories (studded bangles, leather bands, rings, necklaces, and a basic handbag). And if you don't wish to wear heels, wear either military shoes or sneakers to complete the look.
Classy in a Skirt
If a dress isn't girly enough for you, go with a skirt. Also, you don't necessarily have to wear a rocker tee to the concert; that's what almost every fan will probably be wearing anyway. You can be loyal to the band and still have your very own style. Separate yourself from the crowd by infusing the femininity of your outfit with rocker chic elements. And to combat chilly weather, if a probability, don't forget to grab a leather jacket and perhaps black pantyhose.
Elegant in Leggings
Last, but certainly a winner, put an outfit together with black leather leggings. Keeping the base color black, you have a myriad of accessories and tops to combine. Don't be shy to experiment with the attire. You can go monochromatic by wearing an all-black outfit, or give it a sexy jolt with accessories that can liven the outfit. A standout accessory, like oversized shades, can transform your outfit into anything but basic.
Of course, there is a particular way of dressing up for such an event, you can choose to bring in your own unique style. As concerts are mostly jam-packed, with very little space available to move around or do anything at all, you don't just want to be trendy; you want to be able to enjoy the concert as comfortably as you can.