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10 Online Clothing Stores like Forever 21

10 Online Clothing Stores like Forever 21

Looking fashionable at a reasonable price is a dream come true for every girl. And your dream is just about to get real with this list of online clothing stores like Forever 21, which cater to your style while taking care of your wallet.
Mukta Gaikwad
"Fashion is always of the time in which you live. It is not something standing alone. But the grand problem, the most important problem, is to rejeuvenate women. To make women look young. Then their outlook changes. They feel more joyous."
― Coco Chanel

What if you could dress each day like Serena Van Der Woodsen? Or like Aria Montgomery? Or continue to look like you are forever 21? No doubt your GQ (glamor quotient) would tank up, but looking your very best would also work kudos for your self-confidence. Every girl intends to dress up and stay in vogue each day. However, professional restraints, budget constraints, and time, refrains some of us from putting in much thought into what we wear.

But what if there was someone who picked out your clothes for you? Decided the style, and helped you shop as per a certain look too? An idea worth giving a thought, isn't it? Well, your solution is online shopping from within the confines of your home, on sites just like Forever 21. Listed below are 10 sites that offer reasonably priced shopping experiences, advice, and offers for dressing up the fashionista in you.

Online Shopping Stores Like Forever 21

What it Offers: A shopping experience that ranges from being vintage to the wardrobe of our very own Jess, the new girl. The prices are slightly on the higher side, but the site does offer some great discounts. Interestingly, it offers you a huge range of apparel depending on the occasion, the fashion time period, color schemes, and some style options that you may want to pick from. What keeps this site fresh at all times is that it claims to add new fashionable pieces of clothing items and accessories almost daily. Once you've visited this site, you will find every reason to be obsessed with it!

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What it Offers: It provides you a huge number of brands under one roof. This site offers fashion apparel for men as well. As there are multiple brands under this one portal, the price range is highly varied. It is a perfect 'go to' site when you have ample time on your hand and an unleashed imagination to create your own look. It claims to be the biggest retailer of fashion and beauty in the U.K. with over 60,000 branded and own label products for both men and women.

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What it Offers: A youthful collection, reasonable prices, and great sales are three unique selling points of rue21. Raid! That's the one word which perfectly summarizes this online store. Staying true to its name, rue, meaning street in French, and 21 signifying the age we all want to be forever, this site provides clothes for both men and women. The legitimately cute clothing should not be ignored by anyone who wants to stay forever young. This retailer also has shops set up over 47 states allowing its loyal customers to see and feel the fashion they so desperately crave.

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Urban Outfitters

What it Offers: If you are looking for the very chic, the very bohemian, the free-spirited, and totally the kind of clothing that is meant for the young at heart, Urban Outfitters is the website that you ought to go to. It is not a website that sells clothes and accessories, but also one that gives you credible advice on beauty, fashion, culture, music, and a whole lot of other things. Once again, this is a site that is for both him and her.

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1015 Store

What it Offers: A range that is inspired by slight haute-couture and conventional sophistication; however, 1015Store maintains the much-needed 21-year-old-look with its pop colors, collection of quirky accessories, and a signature style statement that you need to find out for yourself. The prices range from under USD 15 to USD 100. Yes, shopping on this site is quite a steal!

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What it Offers: LuLu*s started sometime in 1996 and ever since that time, it has grown to provide its loyal customers selected quality pieces of great fashion. This site sells clothes for women only. With amazing sales and a blog, this site does offer great value for money. The site procures its clothing from various designers, making their numbers limited. Thus, this keeps the style quotient truly unique and few in a million. So, if you get dissuaded by the money that you will eventually spend, remember you are only investing it in something more worthwhile.

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Gypsy Warrior

What it Offers: Although the name says Gypsy Warrior, the theme of this online clothing store diverges a little. As you browse through their site, the clothing line that appears tends to be a mixture of goth and punk. Nonetheless, the site walks the line of Forever 21 by selling clothes that appeal to a younger generation, or to a generation that wants to keep the young alive. The main inspiration for the collection on this site is rock 'n' roll, the tattoo culture, NYC street style, and the love for vintage that designers who run this site have.

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Charlotte Russe

What it Offers: While enlisting online clothing stores like Forever 21, we surely cannot forget Charlotte Russe. From punchy printed tops to dreamy dresses, this site has a perfect mixture of sober and bold. If you want to look cute and fashionable, this is the place to be. Besides running an online store, Charlotte Russe also has over 400 outlets across the country. This makes it very easy to try out the clothes on offer, just in case you are unsure of its fit.

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What it Offers: If you call yourself a frugal 'fashion fanatic', but someone with an immaculate sense of dressing, GoJane is your go-to site. The interesting part about this website is that it does not really follow the tides of the fashion world, but rather intends to make a mark of its own. Vibrant colors and bold designs make this site worth a visit and definitely worth a purchase. This site believes in, and thus aims at, raising confidence levels by improving style sense amongst young people.

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Pink Ice

What it Offers: This is a site that offers looks straight from the Coachella music fest and much more. It has got the right amount of punk, style, and class. Pink Ice is a site that perfectly emulates the idea of a store like Forever 21. With clothes designed for the young crowd, it encourages every visitor to dress differently. This is a perfect site for those who are interested in bohemian fashion within the confines of a city. To put it simply, it offers a simple style statement that unleashes your true character, celebrating the joie de vivre.

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While shopping on these sites, do check their return policy and go through customer review. Knowing these two things will definitely enhance your shopping experience. The main things to note, while looking for sites that resemble the collections of Forever 21, are clothes that show experimentation with what's in vogue, while still exhibiting its elegant style.