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Aloha! Do You Know What's a Moo Moo Dress? Well, Find Out Here

What is a Moo Moo Dress?
If you love experimenting with fashionable dresses, you should definitely try a moo moo. In the first place, do you know what is a moo moo dress? Well, it is a loose, colorful, and comfortable dress, which you will surely love! We, at Fashionhance, get you acquainted with this dress, and present before you some amazing ways to flaunt it.
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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018
Comfortable Style for Would-be Moms!
A moo moo dress is an excellent attire for pregnant women. It does not restrict the waist and looks chic too!
A moo moo dress (also called muumuu) is a very colorful and comfy Hawaiian dress. The name basically means "cut-off." The dress was named so as it lacked a yoke. It is basically a loose dress that hangs from the shoulder. Moo moo was first introduced in the 1800s, when the Christian Missionaries came to Hawaii. They introduced the moo moo, basically to act as a cover for those women who wore only skirts. It has transformed a lot since then to emerge as a fashionable clothing option today. It is available in bright colors as well as subdued hues.

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a cultural festival in Hawaii where moo moo dresses are worn. They are the preferred formal dress for weddings as well. Women in the hotel industry wear them as uniforms. Due to their comfort, moo moo dresses are perfect for older women as well.
Types and Styles
Girl in moo moo dress
Doesn't this fitted moo moo look fashionable in every sense?
knee-length moo moo dress
Here's a knee-length moo moo for a relaxing vacation! Don't forget to pack it this time!
moo moo Dress
Wanna make a style statement? Go for an A-line moo moo!
colorful moo moo dress
Bright, colorful, comfortable, and beautiful―what's not there in a moo moo?
Traditional Styles
A well-fitted moo moo that is worn for a formal evening.

A full-length dress with long sleeves, worn for formal affairs.

Today, it is available in a variety of styles like mid-length, fitted, and ruffled moo moos. Some people believe that this dress is only suitable for obese people, or people who are on the heavier side, as it hides the extra pounds. But anybody can wear it as there are different fits and styles available today.
Modern Styles
A-Line Dress
It flows from the shoulders to the bottom hem in a straight line. It helps hide the extra pounds in the mid area. It looks good on all body types.

Fitted Ruffled Dress
It hugs the body slightly, showing off your silhouette. Ruffles add a glamorous twist to the otherwise simple dress.

Holoku'u Dress Style
This is a formal style that is usually worn at weddings. It has a longer hem and a small train at the back.

Knee-length or calf-length moo moo dresses can be worn casually.

Ruffled Neckline
Ruffled necklines give a classic and elegant look to the dress instantly. They come in simple V, round, or square neckline.
Most fashionistas say no to moo moo dresses, as they look literally like sacks. Without any definition they look very loose and boring. It is believed that they are only for old ladies. This is definitely not true! Yes, you can use it as a house dress or for a short trip to the grocer. But, you can also wear it to a party. Give the traditional dress a glamorous twist and flaunt your unique style! Correct accessorizing can instantly give you a stylish look.
The main reason most women don't like a moo moo dress is that it lacks structure. We mean that it just hangs from your body. Well, we have a solution for it―belts! Using belts will give your dress some definition. Since, most of them are very colorful and have bold prints, opt for a belt in a dark and solid color.
Get the Hawaiian look by wearing huge hats. Avoid wearing very colorful hats, as your dress is already very bright. Go for trendy hats in nude colors or classic black or gray.
Strappy Sandals
Shoes make or break a dress! Go in for stylish strappy sandals to instantly glam your look.
Why You Should Buy One
  • Firstly, they are functional and very comfortable.
  • They are not expensive. So, you can experiment with them.
  • They are becoming popular again, and are available in a variety of patterns (huge, bright, flowers or smaller intricate patterns, polka dots, abstract colorful designs), colors (bright as well as subdued), and materials (cotton, silk, lace embellishment). You will definitely be spoiled for choice.
So get shopping, and add this dress to your collection today!