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Best Jeans for Curvy Women

Best Jeans for Curvy Women
It is every woman's dream to have a curvy body that she can flaunt with her favorite type of clothing, especially when it comes to wearing jeans.
Saptakee Sengupta
Choosing the right type of jeans for your curvy figure depends on your waist to hip ratio. Jeans exclusively for curvy women have become very popular today. They have a perfect cut to fit the curves of your waist and bottom. Be it low waist or high waist jeans, it must fit well at the top and the waist band should not poke out from the back side.
Depending on your sense of fashion, you can select straight cut; flared leg or boot cut. You can try low rise jeans only if you have a perfect curvy body. Spend some extra dollars to get a good quality pair of jeans that you can flaunt anywhere. Stretch jeans and skinny jeans with a strong seam look fashionable on curvy women. If you have wide hips, go for a simple boot cut. This will straighten your legs with the flared bottom and emphasize your hips.
The type of jeans you choose, also depends upon your physical stature. Pick the right type of jeans depending on your height. If you are short, go for stretched mid waist denim jeans that will make you look taller. Tall women can opt for ultimate low rise jeans to boost up their curves and look attractive.
Various designer jeans can create substantial difference in your look. They are not only stylish but are also much more comfortable than the generic brands available in the market. They come in different cuts and designs and are extremely fashionable. Before purchasing, know your waist size. Take accurate measurements and get the right kind that fits you perfectly.
Some Other Fashions to Try Out
Curvy girls, you never have to worry to get the jeans of your choice. The trick is simple. Go for dark washes like black, indigo, and charcoal gray that would accentuate your curvy figure. Dark colors give prominence to the curves and give you a slim look. Colored jeans like lemon yellow, pink, and purple are also in vogue. Low waist jeans with a trendy belt will give your curves striking look. You can also go for cool embellished design for fun. Stretchable jeans look best on a curvy figure. It is best to avoid baggy styles as it can make you look flabby.
Few Renowned Brands of Jeans
The best jeans for curvy women is a pair of Denim blue jeans. It can be paired with any top and still manages to look classy. However, sense of style varies from individual to individual. You can pick up brands from Old navy, J Band, Calvin Klein, PZI, etc. Affordable good quality jeans are also available from brands like Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Avenue. Spend some extra nickels and invest in a good quality and comfortable jeans for curvy girls.
Remember, its best to have a well-fitted pair of jeans in your wardrobe that you can team with any top during the days you cannot decide what to wear, this is because one can never really go wrong with a good pair of jeans.