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8 Incredibly Stylish Ways in Which You Can Tie a Square Scarf

8 Ways to Tie a Square Scarf
Winters are back and so are the scarves! You can add variation to your styling by quickly tucking a squarish scarf to your attire. Presented here are 8 different ways to tie a square scarf.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
A Super-hot Bag Accessory!
Don't just hide your scarf in your handbag when you're not wearing it. Tie it jauntily to your bag's strap.
When it comes to winters, scarves prove to be our best friends! These are the times when we wanna wrap ourselves up in shawls and sweaters, but at the same time flaunt our warm outfits. To be honest, sweaters demean the entire attire. But do we have a way to look classy amidst all this? Yes, that's why, we have scarves! They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to harmonize with the occasion attire! So learn the techniques to wear it, and make the most of it.

Square scarves can be tricky. Not many are aware of the possibilities this little square piece has. Carry it as a shrug, or make a bow outta it; there are oodles of options with this piece of clothing. We give you 8 trendy styles to carry your scarf, giving you the much-needed chic look! Read on.
Ways to Tie a Square Scarf
Steps to tie an Ascot Knot
ascort knot
1. Fold your scarf in half diagonally, roll it, and let it rest around your neck, in a way that both the ends of scarf are in front.
2. Let one end (right) of the scarf be longer. Grab the other end (left) of the scarf.
3. Make a twist by pulling it under the neck-loop.
4. Pull it out in such a way that both the ends become almost equal.
5. Straighten it to give a flawless appearance.
Steps to tie Bandana Wrap
bandana wrap scarf
1. Fold your scarf diagonally, creating a triangle.
2. Make a small fold along the diagonal line of the square scarf.
3. Roll it again to add another fold.
4. Create three folds in a go.
5. Drape this folded scarf around your shoulders in a way that the bulk of the scarf is resting on your shoulders/back. Tie a simple knot pulling both the ends in front.
Steps to tie Basic Loop Tie
loop tie scarf
1. Fold the square scarf diagonally into half.
2. Let ⅓ of the scarf rest over a shoulder.
3. Grab the longer end of the scarf and loop around the neck from front.
4. Bring the tail end back to front, pulling it off from the other shoulder, leaving the ends to dangle.
5. Adjust for the finishing look.
Steps to tie a Bow Knot
bow knot
1. Place your folded square scarf around the back of your neck, with both the ends in front.
2. Make a regular knot with both the loose ends.
3. Hold both the ends of your scarf in a way as if you're tying a shoe lace.
4. Cross it taking the shape of a bow.
5. Secure a knot.
6. Pull out the wings carefully and adjust, making them look like a perfect bow.
Steps to tie a Faux Knot
faux knot
1. Fold the scarf into half and create a thin, long shape by rolling it.
2. Drape it around your neck letting the ends rest in front.
3. Take one of the loose ends and make a loose twist, as shown.
4. Take the other falling end and slide it through this loop.
5. You could tighten the tangle formed, as required.
Steps to tie a French Knot
french knot
1. Fold your scarf in half and let it rest around your neck, in a way that both the ends of scarf are in front.
2. Hold it in a cross. Take one of the loose ends and move it inwards and drawing it outside the loop.
3. Adjust it towards the right.
4. Again, use the same loop end and pull it under the scarf loop, but this time towards the left side.
5. Tighten the knot. Adjust the ends as required.
Steps to tie a Muffler Knot
muffler knot
1. Fold the scarf and make the ends meet forming a triangle.
2. Drape the scarf around your neck from the front side with ends of the scarf at the back, and placing the triangle centric to your body. Crisscross the ends and pull them in front.
3. Tuck the knot ends under the front triangle that is formed.
4. You could hide the ends by putting them inside the cuff (muffler).
Steps to tie a Square Knot
square knot
1. Drape the scarf around the back of your neck after folding it in elongated fashion.
2. With one loose end, make a twist, pulling it out from under the scarf loop. (as we did in the Ascot knot)
3. Continue with the same end of the loop, but this time, move it underneath.
4. Bring it out from the right through the loop.
5. Tighten the knot, placing it in the center.
How to go about choosing the right scarf for your attire?
✦ Pick a color from your dress, and accessorize it with that color's scarf.
✦ If the top is striped, either go for a striped muffler, or the striped faux knot.
✦ Likewise, if you wearing a polka dot dress, go for polka scarves for the finishing look.
✦ When in doubt, opt for contrasting colors.
Do try these knots, and add an instant flair to your attire.
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