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Things You Really Need to Know About Baguette Diamonds

Things You Need To Know About Baguette Diamonds
So you are looking for an engagement ring? If you are tight on budget, you could choose baguette diamonds. A baguette diamonds has clarity, which enhances its beauty to a simple, but elegant look.
Vijith Menon
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Did You Know?
Diamond measured in carats (ct) should not to be confused with gold which is measured in karats (kt).
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. The adage has been proven true as women show off the perfectly polished rocks with their heads held high. Diamonds establish the status of an individual. They take you to places you never imagined. Maybe one of the reasons hip-hop stars wear so much bling is to prove their worth. Let's face it, it works as an eye-grabber anywhere.

Diamonds come in various sizes and popular shapes - princess cut, emerald cut, and round cut. But not everyone has deep enough pockets buy really expensive stuff. For those regular Joes wary of going into debt for a small rock, here's a solution. Baguette diamonds are far cheaper than their counterparts, and they look good as well. The following sections will tell you what makes this particular diamond so good.
What are Baguette Diamonds?
◈The term 'baguette' means a loaf of bread in French. Baguette-cut diamonds are noticeable for their rectangular shape with square corners. They have step-shaped facets which are parallel to the girdle, thus giving them the name 'step-cut'.
◈These diamonds have sparkling clarity, unlike other diamonds who sparkle to hide their various flaws. This one is unapologetic about its natural appearance. They are known for their luster, and are frequently used as a mount to place the central diamond ring. Baguettes come in 2 shapes, namely, straight and tapered.
◈Straight baguette diamonds are rectangular in shape, while tapered diamonds are tapered at any two sides, giving them a trapezoidal shape. Tapered diamonds are used on the sides of the central diamond to make it look bigger. Straight diamonds are sometimes used in a combination with tapered diamonds to give a unique design.
◈Step cuts also consist of the emerald cut and asscher cut. Step cuts, whose corners are cut short, are known as 'carre'.
Cut and Quality
Baguette cut diamonds
◈Baguette-cut diamonds have only 14 facets, and lack the fire and brilliance of round-cut or emerald diamonds. But they make up in this department by having remarkable clarity.

◈These diamonds are far more suitable for necklaces in a channel set. In an engagement ring, it is selected as the base to emphasize the beauty of the central piece.
Should You Buy Baguette Diamonds?
◈ Baguette diamonds are known for their clarity, so you can choose easily and find one without any flaws or blemishes.

◈They are less expensive than the more popular round-cut or emerald-cut diamonds, and you just have to polish them so that they maintain their luster.
◈ Baguette-cut diamonds were a big hit in the '20s, and still retain their popularity as vintage rings. Buying something off-trend can get you noticed easily.

◈ Buy these diamonds only if they are 'SI clarity' certified. These would be devoid of any inclusions or flaws.
Size Chart
diamond Size Chart
Note: This image is for graphic representation purposes only. The store or website you may visit may or may not offer exact measurements, based on their terms and conditions.

In this chart, mm denotes the size of the diamond by height in millimeters, while ct signifies the number of carats included in the ring.
As a side-note, while picking the ring, inquire about the number of carats. The rings on display will have the units 'ct' or 'ct TW'. 'Ct' denotes the number of carats in the diamond, while 'ct TW' signifies the total number of diamonds embedded together which are worth that many carats. Ask your jeweler about the carats in the ring. He will definitely be impressed by your jewelry knowledge, and may give you a better price. Remember Plato's words when he said that a good decision is based on knowledge, and not on numbers.
Baguette-cut diamonds may not be in vogue right now, but you have to admit that they are pretty practical. Why lose a girl over something as trivial as diamonds? Go out and pick one, and make it official.