4 Ways to Tie Moccasins Described with Pictures

The laces of moccasins can be tough to tie, but what's frustrating is that they somehow seem to untie themselves. For those looking for ways to tie moccasins with as little stress as possible, read this Fashionhance post for 4 simple solutions.
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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Are moccasins and loafers one and the same?
No, absolutely not! Even though they may have similar appearances, moccasins have laces while loafers do not.
Gaining popularity in today's time, moccasins were first worn by Native American hunters and tradesmen. These soft slip-on shoes are made with a variety of fabrics―suede, cowhide, sheepskin, deerskin, and moose hide. You can choose to wear them around the house, or pair them with any casual attire.

Although the shoes are quite popular with both sexes, there is one issue that some of you may have encountered―the tough task to tie moccasins so they stay intact for a long time. If you ever have or currently are facing this issue, follow the step-by-step instructions on how to tie moccasins in 4 different ways.
Before starting any of the following knots, remember to wet your fingers and run it gently over the laces. As the laces capture some of the moisture off your fingers, they will become a lot easier to handle and ultimately, tie.
Moccasins Single Knot Step 1
Make a single knot with both ends of lace; one lace is held with the right thumb and index finger, and the other lace with the left thumb and index finger.
Moccasins Single Knot Step2
Create two loops with either side of the lace. The end of the right lace will be behind the loop, whereas the end of the left lace comes in front.
Moccasins Single Knot Step3
Next, use your right middle finger to push the end of the right lace through the left loop. Make sure you hold on to both sides of the lace properly.
Moccasins Single Knot Step4
As the right lace is being pushed through the left loop, simultaneously, push the end of the left lace through the right loop with your left middle finger.
Moccasins Single Knot Step5
Slowly, but firmly, pull either side of the lace through the opposite loops; be careful as to not pull the lace all the way through or the knot won't be completed.
Moccasins Single Knot Final Step
Finally, secure the knot in the center so it can't untie itself. With practice, you will be able to do this knot in less than 3 seconds.
Moccasins Double Knots Step 1
This double-knot system is simply a continuation of the single knot.
Moccasins Double Knots Step2
Hold the two loops―right in right and left in left―and cross them over each other.
Moccasins Double Knots Step3
Similar to the steps 2 and 3 given in the single knot above, push the lace through the loops.
Moccasins Double Knots Final Step
To complete the knot, pull either side of the lace to make sure the knot is nice and tight.
Moccasins Spiral Knots Step 1
For the spiral knots, first start by making a loop with the right side of the lace.
Moccasins Spiral Knots Step2
Gently wrap the loose end of the lace around the loop, covering it in a single layer.
Moccasins Spiral Knots Step3
Keep the loops close to one another so that there are no gaps, and the loop stays secure.
Moccasins Spiral Knots Step4
Keep going till you reach the top of the loop.
Moccasins Spiral Knots Step5
Take the end of the right lace and tuck it through the loop.
Moccasins Spiral Knots Final Step
Follow the same steps on the left side, and your spiral knot is complete.
While wearing these slip-on shoes, remember that you don't require any socks; however, keeping the socks or omitting them is a personal choice. However, certain moccasin styles do give you the liberty to include socks. On the other hand, if you really wish to wear socks but want to give the impression that you aren't, then go with invisible socks.
And as far as the laces are concerned, you may choose to give all the different knots a chance in order to finalize a knot that suits you best.
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