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11 Affordable Designer Handbag Brands

11 Affordable Designer Handbag Brands
Every girl worth her salt needs a chic designer bag for making a fashion statement. It doesn't need to be an original vintage crocodile or snake skin, but that doesn't mean it can't be, you can still be bag-iconic without breaking your bank. This Fashionhance article lists out the affordable brands you can shop from for a designer handbag.
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Ancient civilizations most likely made bags out of leaves and wood. Astonishingly, ancient records show men flaunting bags more than women, for example: Egyptian hieroglyphs depict men carrying bags around their waist.

In the Middle Ages, first there were over-sized travel bags, then came the small travel bags during the 1860s, thus creating an unfading fashion accessory 'handbags'. Louis Vuitton designed the 'keep-all' bag in 1924 that set an example for the first streamlined travel bag. Handbags became a symbolic representation of women's liberation in the 20th century. The Chanel handbags became iconic, especially the one's that were lovely quilted clutches with the chain strap, an inspiration by jockey's gilt jackets. A luxurious piece has a certain aura about it, and a woman can wait in a long line just to get hold of a vintage crocodile Hermes Birkin bag with diamond clasps, which can cost a whopping! USD 64,000.00!!
In the modern fashion sense, its liberating but not to an extent of going into debt for a designer piece. Given below are better brands to invest in without blowing away your savings.
Founded in 1983, by Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino, it is a multi-luxurious fashion house famous for its vivid, zingy, and seditious designs from ready-to-wear apparels to fashion accessories. Moschino handbags come in all kinds of eccentric shapes and sizes along with the signature heart motif. Variety is the key, and the collection comes in pastel to rouge prints and bewitching embellishments adorning on silk shopper bags, cut-out ballet pumps, and suede pouch bags. Segregated into the Moschino cheap and chic and Love Moschino collections, those blingy chains and zips stitched onto bright leather suit well for a wild party night or surely give you a dazzling spot in the day crowd.

Bag It!: Moschino
kate spade new york
Founder Kate Brosnahan Spade started out with Kate Spade Handbags, in 1993, by designing six ultra-chic handbags in vibrant colors, and the rest is history. At present, the brand boosts of over 140 retail shops and outlet stores across the United States, and 175 shops globally. From fuchsia pinks to neon greens, the handbags scream sophistication. Outlandish book clutches, diaper bags, draper cross body bags, and street-smart totes are like a work of art. Kate Spade's color luxuriance approach to the mundane life is evident with each of its pieces, so add a bold pop of color in the accessory department with these designer bags.

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Michael Kors
Everything that glitters is definitely Michael Kors! Classic fashion designer Michael Kors founded the brand in 1981. Apart from being a lavish fashion brand for men's and women's wear, it's best known for its luxurious handbags and accessories. Travel chic with the vividly colored leather satchels, rule the streets with sueded snakeskin, and bedazzle the nights with embellished studded leather clutches. The Graphic Glamour and Jet Set Travel collections are worth being in every fashion lover's accessory accumulation.

Bag It!: Michael Kors
Founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers who hailed from south of France, and in pursuit of their American dream, created slim fit denim that have been the trademark of the brand ever since, it has expanded to create a chain of accessories as well, including handbags. Extremely affordable, each piece comes with designer sophistication, trendy totes, sexy satchels, and elegant clutch wallets―it features all.

Bag It!: GUESS
Founded in 1984, by Tom Kartsotis, this brand is well-known for its classic and adventurous handbags. It features elegant Preston, Sydney, Knox, and Erin collections. These are some of the least high-strung designer purses with most price ranges falling short of even the mid hundreds. Matching fashion and functionality, the bags feature what you are looking for in a tote, cross body bag, satchel, or hobo. Season after season, the brand offers it all.

Bag It!: Fossil
Marc Jacobs
A diffusion line by celebrated American fashion designer Marc Jacobs, it features the classic collection of handbags known as Marc Jacobs, and the lively, vibrant collection known as the Marc by Marc Jacobs. Coming in a variety of affordable range from satin, metallic prints to pretty floral and geometric-designed prints. You can stash on the designer collection without worrying about your wallet weight.

Bag It!: Marc Jacobs
Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff had an affinity towards designing, and this was aptly put to luxurious use when she designed the famed 'Morning After Bag' or 'M.A.B.', seeking inspiration from everything classy and romantic. Her pieces elude romanticism and sensuality, M.A.B is a must-have in a lady's wardrobe as it is ideal for work and play till sunrise. The brand also features trendy satchels, totes, hobos, and mini M.A.Cs, while backpacks come in nudes, pastels, neons, leathers, studs, and edgy designs.

Bag It!: Rebecca Minkoff
A Spanish fashion brand founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera, the brand features classic basic designs in the handbag section. Riding on the latest trends and pulse of the fashion market, its iconic purses, clutches, totes, messenger, satchels, cross body, shoulder and leather bags, are sure to dazzle any designer handbag lover. Fashionably appealing, the tassled mini bucket bag, metal cut out messenger bag, the wild animal prints, and the glitter box clutch add a touch of sophistication and posh to your everyday look.

Bag It!: Zara
Dooney & Bourke
Founded in 1975 by Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke, this brand exclusively deals in fashion accessories. Most famous is the 'Emma Bag'―a small oval bag named after Emma Roberts. These classic and timeless craftsmanship feature many collections and a variety of designs namely the chocolate leather Sutton collection, embossed leather Sahara collection, matte gold hardware Lockwood collection, water-repellent Gretta collection, abstract Flora collection, exotic reptilian appeal Croco collection, zigzag Chevron collection, rich Chaiman collection, soft supple Florentine collection, sporty Carly collection, matte finished Alto collection, German cowhide Samba collection, polished Santorini collection, and the woven Claremont collection.

Bag It!: Dooney & Bourke
Pour La Victoire
Celebrating a sort of fashion victory in accessories since 2007, this brand offers classic totes, animal print cross body, embellished mini bags, and trendy wallets. Rock a blanch palette, from pinks to pastel blues, as your new essential. With Cameron Diaz as the artistic director of the brand, you are sure to have some celeb-inspired pieces in your day-to-day life.

Bag It!: Pour La Victoire
Monserat De Lucca
Established in 2007, this brand features internationally in fashion accessories mainly exquisite jewelry and quintessential handbags. The bestselling Cava tote collection, boho fringe bags, and sultry designed satchels are feminine and edgy. If you are a bohemian at heart, then these boho-themed bags slung over your shoulder add a touch of glam to your daily style.

Bag It!: Monserat De Lucca
For the exorbitant cost of most designer handbags turning over your entire closet budget for one luxurious item might seem a wee bit balmy, hence these pocket friendly, stylish, and lust-worthy alternatives to designer bag brands seem sensible.
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