Ways to Accessorize Your Leopard Print Dress

Ways to Accessorize Your Leopard Print Dress

Want to bring out your "wild at heart" side with fun and vibrant accessories for your leopard print dress? Read this Buzzle article for some fashion tips to style your dress for the occasion.
The Ultimate Rule!
You can always unleash your inner animal, but DO NOT overpopulate with too many animal print accessories.
Owning a leopard print dress (or perhaps any bold animal print clothes) says that you're someone who doesn't shy away from looking haute. But the only way to make a statement and get noticed is by accompanying fantastic accessories with the dress. Whenever you're working with prints, it's essential to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. You don't want to overdo on the details as it can easily overpower the outfit. In order to get over this tricky part, why don't we go over a few ways to accessorize your leopard print dress and avoid (unintentional) fashion faux pas.

How to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

No matter what accessories you choose, they should always be easy on the eyes. This print is bold enough, and you don't want to overwhelm the dress with unnecessary additions.

Shimmer Like Gold

Gold Accessories with Leopard Print Dress

To accentuate the print, add some tan or gold accessories to achieve a graceful look. Gold bangles, if not a cuff bracelet, and chandelier or dangle earrings work brilliantly to enhance the overall look. If you want, you can include a leopard print scarf or bangles as well. But remember, don't overpopulate with your accessories.

Sleek Like Silver

Silver and Black Accessories with Leopard Print Dress

The combination of black and silver accessories is too precious to pass on. Considering the pattern size, choose the number of accessories with utmost care. If the pattern on your dress is visually dominant, wearing too much jewelry will make the ensemble seem busy. Just because you have the items, doesn't mean you should wear them all at the same time. A clutch purse, some fabulous earrings and a bracelet, along with shoes to die for, are all you'll ever need.

Vibrant Like Orange

Gold and Orange Accessories with Leopard Print Dress

For a dramatic and vivacious look, opt for orange details. The simple, yet effective color pop can easily be incorporated into this look. Go big on the accessories, if your heart wishes to make the loudest roar. But the key to making it work is by not adding more animal print; instead, look for accessories within this color.

Gentle Like Blue

Silver and Blue Accessories with Leopard Print Dress

Blue is one color that speaks of gentle, breezy nights filled with elegance and charm. Even though leopard prints appear feisty, you can tame it with silver and blue accessories. It's one of those times when simplicity doesn't require a forceful impact. But if you still want to be "heard", wear leopard print shoes to complete the look.

For a woman, no outfit is ever perceived as "complete" if she hasn't accessorized it correctly. What you wear with your leopard print dress says a lot about your fierce personality and sheer awesomeness to carry the ensemble off. Hold your head high when you walk out of that door, because lady, you're going to make every head turn.
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