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Steal-worthy Looks: What to Wear With Leopard Print Shoes

What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes
Pops of color in your outfit are passé. Kick up the heat with a sexy pair of leopard print shoes. Here's how you can rock different looks with this pattern.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Minimalism is Key
When wearing leopard-print footwear, always keep other accessories to a bare minimum. While accessorizing isn't a complete no-no, letting your shoes do the talking can guarantee enough attention.
You can love them or hate them, but you just can't ignore them. Welcome to the world of leopard prints! What is it about this animal-inspired pattern that makes it so popular? The print has been immortalized on shirts, pants, jackets, clutches, belts, earrings ... the list is endless. But if there is one accessory that has truly been the brand ambassador of animal prints, it is the humble pair of shoes. From stilettos to wedges, and ballet flats to sneakers, you can find shoes flaunting this print in every shoe shop there is. And this season is all about embracing this print in its entirety.

To someone whom the world of prints (let alone leopard print) is scary, wearing the same can never be an easy task. Going all black or all white is the easier way of styling these shoes. Fashionhance gives you some much-needed inspiration so that you are tempted to play around with colors, fabrics, and even other patterns. Here are our six favorite looks that will definitely make you a showstopper.
Get Formal
Wearing formals with leopard print shoes may seem a tad not-suited-to-working-weekdays and a bit too much for a sophisticated sit-down, trust us when we say that there is nothing simplistic, casual, or ostentatious about this print. It is only as elegant as you make it out to be. Check out these fashion-forward looks.
Red dress with leopard print heels
A ruby-red dress, a silky trench coat, and a clutch with some glitz! Need we say more?
Leather dress with leopard print heels
There's no problem big enough for the team of leather and leopard print. Fight any-morning blues with this wild combination.
Blue with leopard print heels
Black is overdone, white is too plain, red is for another day, and blue ... well, blue is for those willing to stop the world as it circles.
Go Casual
Familiar with those lazy Sundays when nothing is doing the trick? Where no outfit seems to be that perfect look to say I know I look gorgeous and I do it in flats? Well, that is when leopard print can work its magic. Just team these beautifully versatile flats with any outfit, and you will be in your fashionista avatar in minutes.
Denim with leopard print flats
Skinny jeans―check. Chambray shirt―check. Clustered studs―check. Aim for causal chic with a pair of leopard print flats and a matching bag.
Neutrals with leopard print flats
Feel like keeping it simple? Go neutral with a pair of khakis and a white pullover. Add a pop of color with amber earrings, and you are set to go.
Nautical stripes with leopard print flats
For the adventurous, print on print is the risk to take. Our favorite option, nautical prints toughened up with leather and leopard-patterned shoes.
Heels or flats, neutrals or rich, deep hues, there are myriad ways in which you can wear leopard print shoes, and get the temperature rising. If you have never worn this print before, a pair of gorgeous heels is the best way to get started. Footwear in this print is neither too overwhelming, nor too safe; it has the perfect amount of chutzpah to make it a go-to shoe anytime you need something to perk up an outfit.
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