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6 of the Best Types of Ring Guards Meant for Loose Rings

Types of Ring Guards for Loose Rings
Replacing a loose ring with a new one, especially if it is a wedding ring or a family heirloom, may not be the best solution. Look no further. Fashionhance has a collection of different types of ring guards or ring sizers to help you resize your favorite ring, and wear it without the fear of it slipping off your finger.
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
A Visit to the Jeweler
When your valuable ring doesn't fit on your finger, a visit to your jeweler for resizing it will save you the cost of purchasing a new one. The jeweler either compresses the ring with a mallet or cuts it and re-solders it. However, remember it will change the size of the ring permanently.
Rings are worn as a fashion accessory by both men and women. Some rings are worn occasionally, but some, like wedding rings, are worn as a sign of a longtime commitment. If it is a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation, it holds great sentimental value besides its economic worth. You might want to wear such rings everyday just to relish the sense of value and belonging to your loved ones.

However, over a period of time, the metal band of your ring may wear thin due to the friction between the band and the skin. The chances of the ring slipping off your finger increases as it starts to loosen up and induces the fear in you of losing the precious ring.

A new ring cannot replace a priceless heirloom. A ring guard comes to your rescue to help make the ring fit your finger. Ring guards can be bought in stores or made at home. This is an inexpensive way to wear your thinning, favorite rings, thus increasing the lifespan of your diamond, gold, silver, or platinum rings. Following are the different types of ring guards.
Metal and liquid guards
Metal and liquid guards
Metal Ring Guard
Description: It is a metal strip with prongs to secure it to the ring. The guard is placed inside the ring, which rests on the underside of your hand. The prongs can be folded around the ring band with the help of flat-nose pliers used to secure the guard. To adjust the size, the guard can be tightened and loosened, accordingly, by moving the prongs closer and apart.

Color and size: They come in white and yellow gold and are available in small, medium, large, and jumbo sizes to fit your ring band size.
Metal Beads Ring Guard
Description: Rather than cutting the ring band for resizing, ask your jeweler to add metal beads to your ring band which can be soldered inside it.

Color and size: The size of the beads will determine the fit of your ring. The beads are easily removable. The color can be of your choice.
Liquid Solution Ring Guard
Description: A liquid silicon ring guard solution helps you adjust the fit according to the required size. The tubed solution can be applied on the inner side of the ring band and left to dry for 24 hours. If the ring still doesn't fit, repeat the process. To remove the liquid guard, you just need to peel it off the ring.

Color and size: The liquid guard is semi-transparent that makes it almost invisible.
Plastic and string guards
Plastic and string guards
Crescent-shaped Plastic Ring Guard
Description: These plastic crescent-shaped guards are easy to use as you just have to place the ring band in the guard. Place the slit of the guard in the center hole of the ring with the convex side, which faces the ring band. Push the ring band in the guard. Wearing the ring will secure the guard to the ring. The guard is removable with an easy peel of the guard from the ring.

Color and size: They are crescent-shaped and are usually available in colors which have a close resemblance to one's skin tone; therefore, making them invisible.
Plastic/Rubber Tube Ring Guard
Description: Another inexpensive and simple way to resize your ring is to use a plastic or rubber ring guard. These guards are available in stores; however, you can make one at home using plastic or rubber tubes. Cut a bendable tube, roughly the length of half of the ring band. Slit one side of the tube from one end to another in length. Push the ring band through that slit to secure the guard on the ring. When you wear it, keep the open ends of the tube outwards. The pressure of your finger will desist the guard from sliding off.

Color and size: They are available in different colors and sizes of your choice.
String/Rubber Band Ring Guard
Description: The cheapest ring guard can be made using a string or a rubber band that you can find at home. Wrap a string or yarn around the ring band that usually hides under your fingers. If you want to use a rubber band, you first need to cut it at one end, and then, wrap it around the ring. After tying enough string or rubber band, tie a knot with the two ends of the string or rubber band to secure it.

Color and size: Colors can be of your choice and the size depends on an individual's fingers.
If you covet your collection of rings which are a misfit now, you have Buzzle's tips on ring guards at your disposal, to help you preserve and wear your prized possessions without having to shop around for a new ring. Now that you are efficient enough to make a ring guard, you can give your regular jeweler a run for his money. Women, this is one way of winning your spouses affection!