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Information About Tanker Boots

Information About Tanker Boots

Military boots are a must-have fashion accessory in the wardrobe of a common man. However, these boots serve a special purpose in the military. Fashionhance has some interesting information on military tanker boots.
Rucha Phatak
The origin of the tanker boots are unknown; however, there are many stories regarding it. In one version, the idea of the boots was borrowed from the French crewmen by American Captain George S. Patton, Jr. During World War I, he strapped a young soldier's boots with his cavalier pistol holster straps.
Tanker boots are in vogue. The strong, military boots in earthy colors are a fashion statement among men and women, as they can be worn with any type of clothing be it jeans, denim skirts, etc. However, their origination was for an altogether different reason.

These military boots are worn by soldiers who serve on tanks and other such vehicles. The boot is designed fairly different than the other boots utilized in the military. It has a leather strap which fastens the boots around the ankles and is secured with a buckle on the upper-side of the boot.
  • They are preferably crafted in leather rather than in any flammable material like nylon.
  • Unlike other traditional combat boots, the tongue of this boot is sewn within it.
  • They have steel toe guards and steel or plastic heel guards. 
  • These boots are available in brown, black, and tan colors.
  • Due to the absence of laces, soldiers can wear these boots without the fear of them getting caught in the moving parts of the tank.
  • Leather straps on the boots are easier to loosen than the laces on other military boots.
  • It saves the soldier from injury as the leather strap is less likely to catch fire or melt.
  • The leather in the boots prevents absorption of chemicals like flame-resistant hydraulic fluid, turboshaft engine oil, grease, etc., allowing the soldier to wear them for a longer period. 
  • They do not hinder the circulation of blood in the soldier's feet when he has to sit down for long hours preventing a cramp. 
  • They are waterproof as the tongue is sewn within the boots. 
  • Steel guards on them ensure the safety of the toes.
  • They do not provide ankle support like laced-boots, therefore are not an ideal choice for the soldiers who trek across deserts, jungles, or along mountainsides.
  • The newer version of desert tanker boots aren't waterproof. 
  • Steel guards―a protective metal inserted in the sole―can be hazardous for toes if more pressure is applied on them. Chances are that the soldiers may lose their toes.
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What is more fascinating is the fact that in the military, the tankers boots need to be earned. How― on completion of the soldier's first tank mission or after successful completion of training. They are available in the Army Military Clothing Sales store as well.

Though meant for the battlefield, you can definitely make them a part of your footwear collection and march into another realm of your life― parties, workplace, markets, malls, you name it. Enjoy your new footwear!