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Breathtakingly Gorgeous Sundresses for Women Over 40

Sundresses for Women Over 40
If you are above 40 and are thinking about the kind of sundresses to opt for, just follow some useful tips on choosing the perfect sundresses for women over 40 that will make even the best-looking twenty-year-old, envious.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
A few years earlier, thirties were the new twenties, but now, with 40-plus celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields and Halle Berry, looking as stunning and sexy as any twenty-year-old, forties have become the new twenties.

These celebrities have broken all the fashion rules that were made for forty-plus women, such as no mini-skirts, no long hair, no show of cleavage. These women, with their fit bodies and oodles of attitude, can carry off almost anything a younger woman can.
Given below are some of the most figure-flattering sundress patterns that are not only fashionable, but are also comfortable and accentuates your most stunning features.
Maxi sundress
Sundresses should be such that they hide the flaws in your body. So, if you are heavier at the bottom, go in for plus size sundresses, such as a maxi dress. These long-flowing dresses come in various prints and patterns and give a heightened look to your body.
Maxi dresses usually come with thin straps around the shoulders, drawing attention away from the rest of the body to the shoulders. At the same time, these do not have any clear cut waists, instead have a loose, free, flowy kind of front and back, thus hiding your flaws.
Wrap dress
Wrap sundresses are one of the most sought after casual summer dresses. These dresses are appropriate for creating a figure-flattering look for women who have shapely legs,. Short, wrap sundresses draw the attention to the legs as well as the bustline, making the waist look narrow, hiding the wide hips and flaunting the shapely legs, all at the same time.
Wide-belt sundress
Women with a pear-shaped body, should opt for sundresses which play down the hips and draw attention to the upper body. If a woman has a thin waist, then a good way to draw away attention from the wide hips is to wear a wide belt over the sundress. Also, dresses which are pleated in the bottom half and have a boat neck which draws attention to the collarbone, are ideal for pear-shaped women.
Sleeved sundress
Women who have flabby arms and a short neck, sleeveless and cap sleeve sundresses aren't for them. Rather, they can go for the sleeved ones that not only makes one look classy but will also disguise the problem area.
The collar for sleeved sundresses should be designed in such a way that it lengthens the look of the neck. A good way to do that is by designing it as if the shirt collar is open, i.e. by keeping it slightly raised from the back of the neck.
Colored dress
While selecting sundresses, it's very important to choose the right color that flatters your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone, go for colors such as pink, green, yellow and red. If your skin tone is dull, then opt for the ones with soft colors such as white, beige, pale pink and icy blue as they make the face glow.
Print dress
As far as printed sundresses are concerned, floral, stripes and ethnic batik prints are the most popular these days, so opt for any of these. Women who have a large bone structure, should go in for larger prints and women with a fine bone structure, should opt for smaller prints. Choose either cotton or poplin fabric, as both are good in summers and are easy to maintain.
A flattering sundress is the perfect outfit to beat the heat on a sticky, hot summer day. Of course, they are a great means to make a fashion statement too, if combined with trendy hairstyles, colorful flip flops, beautiful accessories and a large cloth, sequined, jute handbag. Sundresses are available in different trendy, cool and comfortable styles and designs. So select the one that you are comfortable wearing and perfectly suits your body shape.
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