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Elastic Cuff Sweatpants

The Types of Elastic Cuff Sweatpants and Why You Should Prefer Them

Elastic cuff sweatpants are an improvised version of the regular open-bottomed sweatpants, which prevent the bottom of the pants from being dragged along while walking or running. There are different kinds of the same available in the market today. Read on for our list of some of the really good ones.
Priya Johnson
Sweatpants are one of the most comfortable clothing items one can get into, and are something we love to wear the moment we're home. Don't these blessed clothing items give us a casual, chilled out feeling? However, sweatpants with an open bottom tend to drag when we're walking, which can get pretty irksome. During unfavorable weather, the bottom gets soaked, and looks and feels really pathetic. To solve this problem, amazing pants with elastic cuffs have been made available to us, and these have an elastic band near the ankles to prevent dragging.
We must admit, these are better as they can be rolled up and worn with running shoes. Available in a variety of cool colors such as black, heather, gray, charcoal, red, navy, blue, ash, etc., these pants not only are extremely comfortable, but also eliminate the problem of dragging pant bottoms. There are several good options of the same, available in the market today.
Nike FB
Priced at USD 49.97, these pants have great reviews and people have testified that they last through several washings. These sweatpants are 80% cotton and 20% polyester and are made with thick French terry fabric. They come with quality, comfort, and pockets, thus also making place for one's cellphone or iPod when going for a run. Moreover, the fabric is thick enough to keep your body warm on windy days. Let's not forget the white swoosh design trademark that is embroidered on the left leg!
Hanes 50/50 Cotton/Poly Sweatpants with Elastic Cuffs

These are made with low pill air jet spun yarn, and cost something between USD 15 - USD 20. The fleece is of high density with a four-needled elastic waistband dyed to match the draw-cord. The increased stitch density paves the way for a smoother printing canvas, and the fit is also improved with differentiating front and back rise elastic cuffs.
Jersey Knit Elastic Cuff Pants

These wrinkle-free, comfortable, and stylish sweatpants have elastic cuffs, a full elastic waistband, inside drawstring, on-seam side pockets, and a back patch pocket. Priced between USD 30 - USD 40, they are easy to wash, their comfort and durability are more than satisfactory, and though they are a bit on the expensive side, they are of great quality, and are totally worth their price.
Jerzees 8 oz NuBlend Sweatpants
Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, these pants have elastic band bottoms, and a double-needle stitched covered elastic drawstring waist. They have no side-seams and are double-napped inside, giving it a softer feel. These look great with a t-shirt or a tank top.
St. John's Bay sofTECH Elastic Cuff Sweatpants
Ranging between USD 25 - USD 40, these come with a full elastic waist and an inside draw-cord. The fabric used in making them (80% cotton, 20% polyester blend) is thicker than the regular 50 - 50 standard doubled dyed blends. The color too lasts longer, and they have a long durability thanks to the double stitching.
Unisex sweatpants are available at around USD 20- USD 25. Special ones for women cost anything between USD 25- USD 40 in oat, navy, pink, and heather gray colors. It is possible to buy affordable and inexpensive sweatpants in departmental stores and at all major clothing stores.