Spring Summer 2012 Color Trends

Knowing about spring summer 2012 color trends will help you make good fashion choices. In this article we are going to discuss spring summer color trends of 2012 in fashion, makeup and accessories.
Fashionhance Staff
Every season, new trends in fashion emerges, that can be seen in the collection showcased by designers and design houses. A unifying theme in all these fashion trends is the color palette. Whether it is clothing, accessories or makeup, colors play an important role. A few colors become the most chic and trendy for a particular season and many designers make apparels and accessories showcasing these trendy colors. You too can become a fashionista by simply using these colors in your existing wardrobe. It is not necessary that you purchase apparels in these popular colors. You can just use these colors in your makeup, shoes, bags and hair accessories.
Spring Summer Color Trends for 2012
Spring summer 2012 color trends are all about beautiful pastels and bright sorbet hues. Unlike last season which was all about military colors and neutral shades, this year we veer towards a more refreshing and fresh color palette. Here are some of the most popular color trends of spring summer 2012.
Colorful Necklace
One of the hottest colors this season is coral. Coral is just right for summer and there are many fashion designers who have showcased resort wear and spring summer wear in this beautiful color. The best way to wear coral is not from head-to-toe but just by adding a dash of this color, say, in your blouse or scarf. You can pair coral with either a deep tan color or a light brown. This makes your outfit look more harmonious and polished. If you are a bit wary of wearing a coral blouse or dress, how about just applying a coral colored nail paint or lip gloss. This can instantly make you look polished and ready for summer.
White dress
A color that is making a splash this year is white. This color was seen extensively in the spring summer 2012 collection of Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. From maxi dresses to eyelet dresses, white is the shade that is the most popular this summer. To make white look spectacular invest in a white peplum dress with a metallic sheen and pair it with accessories in earthy shades. You can also wear short ruffled organza blouses in this hue or even white colored origami mini skirts.
Brunette In Purple Dress
If you study spring summer 2012 fashion trends, you will notice that a color that designers are using the most are shades of purple. Darker shades of purple like heliotrope, aubergine and amethyst are very trendy right now. The best thing about purple is that it suits a variety of skin tones and it shows off your summer tan beautifully. You can pair a purple colored outfit with colors like dull gold, gray and even light orange. You can wear this beautiful hue not only in your clothes, but also in your accessories. A quilted amethyst envelope clutch or a pair aubergine pumps can instantly jazz up even the plainest of all outfits. For makeup, you can use purple eye pencil and amethyst eye shadow to create smoky eyes. And of course, wearing aubergine nail paint is the ultimate style statement that you can make this year.
Mint Green
Beautiful Woman In Vintage Clothing
Mint green is another color that has been seen in many spring/summer collections of major fashion designers and design houses. Icy mint green is just right for the summers, be it in clothes or makeup. Maxi dresses and Grecian inspired dresses in mint green looks very elegant and romantic. You can also wear frilly tops and ruffled blouses in this feminine color this season. This color looks stunning in fabrics like soft chiffons, georgettes and any sheer and flowy fabric. If you are wearing something bright just pair it with a mint green eyeshadow and nail paint.
To complement your fashionable wardrobe you will need to follow spring/summer 2012 hairstyle trends which is all about big volume and romantic curls. Keep these color trends in mind when you shop for your wardrobe and makeup this season.