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Shopping Success at Ross

Shopping Success at Ross

Shopping is about getting a great deal while buying great stuff. When you shop at Ross, you get great stuff at great prices.
Buzzle Staff
Whether you are shopping for new clothes, decorations, or kitchen ware, don't automatically head to the big, expensive department stores. Stores like Macy's, Beales, and JC Penny may have wonderful stuff, but you may be paying way too much. You can get a better price at Ross, where you can buy things for twenty to sixty percent less for the same thing that you can get at a department store. Ross sells some of their products at half the cost, and sometimes more, than the cost of big department stores. If you like wearing name brand apparel, but you don't like paying full retail price, Ross is definitely right for you. Ross carries name brand clothes, shoes, handbags, and other items at a great price. Ladies, this may not be a store that you want to take your men to. While Ross sells items for men, women, boys, girls, and babies, most of the stores seem to carry more items for women. The other departments are noticeably smaller than the women's departments. Ross also carries clothes for many different sizes, including junior and plus sizes.

What's the Catch?

With deals this good, you can't help but wonder if there is a catch. While many aspects of our economy can make even the savviest shopper a little skeptical, I promise that there is no catch. The items that Ross sells are not defective, used, or cheap knock-offs. Ross employs buying teams in New York and Los Angeles, the fashion capitols of the nation, who buy items straight from the manufacturer. Ross uses what they call "opportunistic buying strategies" that result in great prices, if some inconsistency in what they buy. They also limit their stores to basic, simple necessities. If you want to have the feeling that you are shopping in a lavish environment, Ross may not be for you. Big department stores have expensive displays, several well-dressed employees, and many levels and check out centers. Ross stores are generally Spartan, by comparison. If the store doesn't spend money on the expensive displays and several hourly employees, then they can keep their prices really low. While their strategies are different from department stores, their method seems to be successful. Ross currently operates nearly one thousand stores in twenty-seven states.

Is Ross Really that Inexpensive?

Now that you know what Ross is and how they manage to be so inexpensive, here are a few examples of serious discounts that make Ross the perfect place to shop. Most Ross stores, at least every store I have been to, have a large shoe department. They have nearly every type of shoe, including heels, tennis shoes, flats, and flip flops. I recently bought a pair of Guess brand flip-flops, normally priced at thirty-five dollars, for twelve dollars.

The product that Ross carries the most of, and what they market in their slogan "dress for less," is clothes. Ross carries everything from maternity clothes to prom dresses. Dresses that are usually a few hundred dollars, Ross sells for fifty dollars. They carry jeans, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, nightgowns, and the list continues to nearly every piece of clothing you can think of. When I bought my Guess flip flops, I also bought a pair of jeans normally priced at thirty dollars, for fifteen dollars. If you want great products at a great price, Ross is an excellent choice.