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10 Online Clothing Stores Like Hot Topic

10 Online Clothing Stores Like Hot Topic

For girls who love to shop for punk-styled, peppy clothing, and guys (who refuse to publicly admit it) who love it too, Hot Topic is an awesome store. However, what happens when you find you have loads of friends owning the same Hot Topic apparel as you do? We give you a solution― 10 online clothing stores that are just like Hot Topic.
Vrinda Varnekar
Last Updated: May 16, 2018
Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.
― Gore Vidal
Why do we love Hot Topic so much? The answer strikes in a heartbeat― Hot Topic was one of the first stores to offer us apparel and accessories that were different from what we were used to. Music-inspired clothing, and clothes that reflected our love for comics, movies, retro culture, grunge, and other awesome stuff were exactly what Hot Topic gave us, and it is no wonder that Hot Topic has such a loyal fan base today.
The story of Hot Topic goes back to 1988, when the founders knew something different was exactly what was needed to revolutionize the world of teenage apparel. They were right! Hot Topic clothes are popular among people of all ages today, all over the world, as these clothes are perfect for those who love standing out from the crowd. However, this brings us back to our original question, what happens if we have a lot of friends who own the same Hot Topic apparel as us? Sometimes it may feel a little strange if we run into people wearing the same clothes as us. The answer is, like we said, alternatives to Hot Topic. These stores are similar, and yet different, and some are more affordable than Hot Topic. Read on for a list of alternative online clothing stores, in no particular order.
What originally began as a mail-order catalog in Easton, PA, is now a major retailer brand that has over 500 stores across the US and Canada. Spencer's offers amazing and quirky apparel and accessories for boys and girls hovering in the 18-24 age group. From hilariously captioned t-shirts to superhero pajamas, this store has it all.

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If Hot Topic is for teenagers, Plasticland is for quirky adults who prefer being different wherever they are, be it at a party, or even at work. Plasticland prides on its amazingly stylish apparel and accessories with a hint of the rock, pop, and retro cultures. Started in San Diego, California, more than a decade ago, Plasticland is for women who don't like to stay limited. Check out their awesome jewelry collection!

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Looking for a store that offers both classy as well as edgy clothing? If yes, then look no further. Romwe offers some seriously cute apparel for girls who aren't afraid to explore the different styles of fashion. If you're not interested in buying clothes at the moment, this store has phone cases, bags, sunglasses, swim-wear, and jewelry too! Based in China, Romwe offers free shipping all over the world. No minimum purchase required. OMG!

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Too Fast
"Wanna fit in? Shop elsewhere." Wow! With a motto like this, everything here is sure to be different and edgy, and to totally make you stand out. Punk clothing, tattoo t-shirts, and apparel for both boys and girls that's inspired from vintage, rock-n-roll, and army styles is what this cool brand specializes in. Too Fast is also involved in resale of stuff that is really hard to find now, and they have a wholesale site as well!

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Glamour Kills
If you feel put off by the name, feel un-put off immediately. Set up by a fresh high school graduate 9 years ago in a modest New York basement, Glamour Kills today is a successful brand offering cool apparel for both boys and girls. This brand is definitely your source for vibrant, edgy, and yet subtle clothing. As they say themselves, their work reflects a rock-n-roll edge with chic modernism. With a catchy name and catchier designs, you're sure to enjoy shopping here.

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This store is for those music lovers who are only looking for music-inspired clothing and accessories, and nothing else. Merchnow is a popular online store specializing in everything that is inspired by different music genres such as punk, rock, metal, and indie, from apparel, to CDs, to posters. This store has something to offer for both boys and girls.

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Witty captions, funny prints, quirky designs, and chic styles for men and women― that's what this store is all about. Another very remarkable and catchy thing about ToastyCo. is that they give their customers a free packet of Skittles with orders of t-shirts and sweatshirts! Yes, you read right! How's that for a sweet deal?

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Blue Banana
Since 1997, Blue Banana has tried and succeeded at providing clothing and accessories that are seriously un-mainstream. (Yeah okay, I just made the word up!) This store calls itself the home of alternative fashion and specializes in clothing that is inspired by punk, rock, goth, and street styles. Blue Banana also has countless music-inspired apparel choices for music lovers.

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Rock Rebel
Like the name suggests, Rock Rebel offers rock-inspired clothing for both men and women. Based in CA, this company has been popular for its alternative, rock-inspired fashion for over 10 years. Rock Rebel now encompasses several different brands, all of which are popular for their cutting-edge styles and totally cool image.

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Infectious Threads
Infectious Threads prides itself upon having limited collections which ensure that its customers don't all end up owning the same things. Based in Nevada, Infectious Threads has been creating alternative fashion apparel and accessories for men and women since quite some time now. This store also prides itself upon its low prices and an amazing selection of alternative styles to choose from.

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Fashion is really an individual style, and if alternative is your thing, these stores are the way to go. The best part is that you can browse through all these and more from right where you are, and you'll get them delivered at your doorstep as soon as possible! Plus, all these stores are very helpful and accommodating if and when you need to return or exchange a product. We hope our list of clothing stores like Hot Topic could help you. If we've missed out on any amazing store, you can of course let us know through the comments section below! Happy shopping!