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A Complete List of Dress Cut Styles With Pictures and Styling Tips

List of Dress Cut Styles With Pictures
Selecting a dress which suits your body type is very important, especially when you are attending an important function or a party. There are many dress cut styles designed to suit various body shapes. Let's take a look at 14 types of dress cut styles.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Beautiful Japanese Bride
"Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress."
-Coco Chanel
Fashion is all about dressing up and selecting clothes which make you look pretty. Dresses are currently in vogue and they are perfect for summer. But do you know that there are different dress cut styles for different body types? Having many options in dresses gives you the benefit of wearing them according to the event.

It is important to learn about different dress cuts and fabrics, as it helps you understand which dress would flatter your body type. We are familiar with round, square, and v-necks. Here are some dress cut styles with pictures. Choose the ones that suit you well.
Different Dress Cut Styles
Maxi Dress
maxi dress
Maxi dress is long and flowing unlike a short dress. It can be worn for a formal or casual occasion. It can be made from different materials but cotton maxi dresses are mostly preferred. A curvy woman can take the advantage of a maxi dress as it helps to accentuate her curves. A maxi dress looks good on a short woman if she pairs it with stylish heels.
A-line Dress
A-line dress
A-line helps to hide the heavier portions of the body and flatters the slimmer parts. It is narrow towards the waistline, but flares out towards the hem of the dress. It looks beautiful if it has a scoop neckline.
Empire Waist Dress
empire waist dress
It is located far above our normal waistline, its cut falls right below the bust while the rest of the dress covers the rest of the body. This cut is suitable for a pear-shaped body as it smartly hides the stomach area and focuses more on the bust portion. This dress cut style looks good on both skinny as well as voluptuous women.
Mermaid Dress
mermaid dress
It is one of the sexiest body-hugging dresses, which is kind of tight in the upper body sections but flares out dramatically either from the neckline till the knee or towards the hem of the dress. It's silhouette appearance emphasizes more on the curves, creating a very sexy look. It is perfect for any formal occasion.
Revel Dress
revel dress
If you are looking for something that ain't too tight, yet fits you comfortably, then make sure to invest in a Revel cut dress. It is the perfect attire for young women. Sophisticated, chic, edgy, and biker are some words that describe this dress style.
Wrap Dress
wrap dress
It is a dress and a skirt which wraps around the body, not literally but gives you an illusion of that. It accentuates your waist and draws attention towards your neckline. It flatters a curvy figure and its beautiful silhouette smartly creates a more hour-glass figure. It is also renowned to be a more bust-enhancing and hip-reducing cut style. It is indeed a timeless type of dress and can be worn for any event.
Halter Dress
halter dress
A halter dress makes your bust and shoulder area look more prominent as well as well-defined. It is a famous dress style which ties around the neck and exposes your shoulders as well as back portion. Halter dresses can be worn for a formal event by choosing a certain type of fabric or by accessorizing them. It is usually worn as a casual summer dress. This cut is popular in beachwear too. This dress is normally fastened at the back of the neck and the waist.
Tunic Dress
tunic dress
A very versatile piece of dress, it is typically about knee-length. You can pair it with a nice classy belt or just wear it sans one. It is a fabulous substitute for a shirt dress. Most importantly, you can wear it for any occasion. You may choose to pair it up with tights or a skirt.
Sheath Dress
sheath dress
It is a simple yet chic dress style. It reaches your knees or lower thighs and is the perfect choice for formal parties. The ideal formal sheath dress is a black plain dress with or without sleeves. It is body-hugging but not too tight.
Baby Doll Dress
baby doll dress
It has a round neckline and is a bit similar to a shift dress. Mostly, it is sleeveless, but sleeves can be incorporated according to your liking. It does not hug your body and is very loose and classy. It can be an amazing attire for a night out or for clubbing.
V- Waist Dress
v-waist dress
It is a type of cut style which starts at the waist or below it and falls down towards the center, creating a V shape. It accentuates the hips portion, and is suitable for curvy figures, and for ladies who have a short waist structure. It is also known as Basque waist.
BodyCon Dress
bodycon dress
This dress cut style exhibits the best figure of the woman. It is body-hugging therefore many woman are conscious to wear this dress. It can be worn for any formal or casual meeting, depending upon its design.
Princess Dress
princess dress
This cut suits both pear-shaped as well as apple-shaped women as it gives enough room to the hip portion. It does not stick to the stomach, it smartly takes away the attention from the mid-section areas and creates a slimming effect. This cut style has linear panels. Brides especially adore this style as it has a perfect fitted bodice which flows down freely.
While buying a dress, you should not just look for the designer, color, fabric, and price. Understanding the cut of the dress is also helpful to determine when it should be worn. Different dress cuts are designed for specific occasions and you certainly don't want to end up wearing the wrong one.