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Style Secrets: How to Find a Maxi Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Find a Maxi Dress for Your Body Shape
With their floor-skimming skirts and colorful patterns, maxi dresses make a perfect choice for a chilled out look for summer. Perfect for beach and outdoor summer weddings, Fashionhance will help you choose the right maxi dress to flatter your body shape.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
The Funny Side Up
"Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins."
Mae West
As summer approaches, it is time to stack away your heavy, double-lined winter clothes, and let your skin breathe with light airy fabrics. It is time you brought out your short summer-dresses and flowing maxi dresses to sport for weekend barbecues and beach weddings.

The best part about maxi dresses is that apart from the comfort, style, and practicality that they bring, these dresses flatter almost all body shapes. What's more, it is your go-to dress when flaunting your baby bump. Call that comfort dressing, but maxi dresses are sure a rage when it comes to dressing up in the summers.

It is time to show some skin, flaunt your incredible body, and look your sexy best this summer. Whether you are petite, athletic, or even curvy, there is a dress that you can carry off. Here's what you need to remember when picking a maxi dress to flatter your body.
Maxi Dresses for Apple-shape Body
Asset: Slender limbs and neck.
Feature: Prominent torso, especially tummy.
Given that you have amazing slender limbs, your only major concern is your ever-prominent torso. With little waist definition, your best bet is empire line dresses that cinch just below the bust, and sweeps the ground with a gentle A-line skirt. Go in for bold, eye-catching prints placed at strategic points to flatter your figure, and create a slimming effect. An all over print will also work to dress the apple-shaped body. Go in for V-necks, halter, and strapless dresses to highlight your slender arms.
Maxi Dresses for Pear-shape Body
Asset: Narrow shoulders and small bust.
Feature: Broad hips and upper thighs.
While choosing a dress, you got to remember to draw focus towards your narrow shoulders instead of your prominent hips. Strapless dresses will highlight your slender shoulders and bust, while a dress with kimono sleeves will help balance out your figure, and give the illusion of an hour glass figure. Spaghetti strap dresses with halter necks, v-necks, and plunging sweetheart necklines will enhance your bust area. Go in for an empire waistline to lay emphasis on your slim waist. Stay away from horizontal stripes on the lower half of your body, as they will accentuate your broad bottoms.
Inverted Triangle
Maxi Dresses for Inverted Triangle shape Body
Asset: Narrow waist and hips
Feature: Broad shoulders
You have amazing broad shoulders teamed with a narrow waist and hip. To add volume to your lower half, go in for billowy skirts that cinch at the narrowest of your waist. Avoid straight across strapless dresses if you lean towards the busty side. Look for dresses with low scoop-backs to reveal your chiseled back. Dresses with plunging necklines will help draw attention from your boxy shoulders, and provide an illusion of length to your upper body.
Maxi Dresses for Hourglass-shape Body
Asset: Perfect curves
Feature: Proportionate body
Those coveted curves should definitely be flaunted rather than camouflaged behind billowy skirts. Cut out dresses, wrap dresses, clingy dresses are made for your perfect figure. You can afford to go strapless, halter, spaghetti strapped or even experiment with plunging necklines and low-scoop backs to flaunt your curves. Stay away from horizontal-striped dresses, as they will take away from your original frame.
Maxi Dresses for Rectangle-shape Body
Asset: Slender frame
Feature: Equal bust, waist and hip measurements.
Slender frames or ruler-shaped bodies need dresses that will create curves. You can pull off dresses with layers, tiers, gathers and ruffles. Look for dresses that are cinched at the waist, or have gathered waistbands to create curves. Dresses with huge belts, bows, and detailing will definitely flatter your slender figure. You can also opt for cut out dresses to create the illusion of curves.
Maxi Dresses for Petites
Asset: Narrow shoulders and bottoms
Feature: Well-trimmed figure.
Your petite frame can do very well in tank style dresses, halters, and strapless. Do go in for empire waistline dresses or dresses that enhance the waist. You can try cut out dresses as well as dresses with vertical stripes to create the illusion of a taller you. Team your dresses with comfortable heels instead of plain flats to appear taller.
Maxi Dresses for Tall Body
Asset: Slender frame
Feature: Long limbs
Well, maxi dresses are tailor-made for you to flaunt your splendid height. Wrap-styled dresses or off-shoulder, you will be able to pull off just about any style. You can create an illusion of curves with a gathered skirt, or enhance your waist with a belt. Opt for a ruched bodice to enhance your lean silhouette.
Maxi Dresses for Plus Sizes
Asset: Generous Curves
Feature: Busty and broad shoulders.
You can balance out your figure with a V-neck. Dresses with cap sleeves not only help cut off your wide shoulders, but also flatter your figure in the best possible way. A dress in plunging necklines, high waist or empire waistlines will look good on you. Stay away from clingy material if you are too conscious of your body, and go in for bold prints instead of minute prints.
Maxi Dresses for Pregnant Women
Empire waistline maxi dresses are meant to be comfort clothing for expectant mothers. You can flaunt your baby bump with a maxi dress that is strapless or has a plunging neckline.