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A Cool Collection of Eyeglass Frames For Women With Round Faces

Eyeglass Frames For Women With Round Faces
Choosing eyeglass frames for women with round faces can be a daunting task. Here are some tips and ideas on how to choose one.
Aarti R
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
When you walk into an eyeglass store, you are a bit confused. Moreover, if you are choosing and wearing the eyeglasses for the first time, you will definitely get confused about the right shape of the eyeglass frame. Today, eyeglass frames for girls has become an accessory, rather than an instrument used for vision correction. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right eyeglass frame for your face. Eyeglasses change your look completely and your face shape plays a vital role in selecting the eyeglass frames. There are broadly seven basic face shapes, round, oval, oblong, square, diamond, heart (or base-up triangle) and base-down triangle. Therefore, before choosing a frame that looks good, learn about the one that would definitely look good on your face.
To determine whether you have a round face or not, a simple test can be performed. Tie a ponytail of your hair and examine yourself in front of the mirror. A round shape will have same width and length of the shape. Also, women with round faces do not have much sharp features. In addition, round faces are fuller and have a small chin. The cheeks and the cheekbones are wider in shape.
Eyeglass Frames for Women
According to research, women are more concerned with the shape of the eyeglass frame as compared to men. Men are more interested in the comfort level and the overall fitting of the frame. There are circumstances where the frame does not fit well or sometimes you choose a frame which is much wider than your face. There can be numerous problems while selecting the eyeglass frame. Durability is equally important from the point of view of choosing eyeglass frames.
Apart from all these things, the important thing that is to be considered is the shape of the frame. The shape of the eyeglass frame plays a vital role in providing comfort and the look that suits the wearer.
Regular Frames For Women With Round Faces
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The frame size must be scale with your face size. This means, that it must not look disproportionate and oddly bigger or smaller. Your face should be able to accommodate the frame and it must fit in. Regular frames for women with round faces come in different shapes starting from rectangular, oval to square. A round face is one which does not have angles and the length and breadth are in the same proportions. Therefore, a frame which helps your face look slimmer and longer is what you must look for. The regular frames that you can opt for are simple rectangular, thin rimmed or semi-rimmed.
Designer Frames For Women With Round Faces
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When you choose a frame, make sure that your eyes are centered in the frame and your eyebrows are well aligned. That is one of the most important things that you must check. Since angular and geometric shapes give the face a sharp feel, a woman with round face must try to opt for one of these. Also, glasses with temples add length and thus dulls the rounded feel of the face. In fact, this is the perfect style of eyeglass frames for women over 50. You must, however, keep an eye open for trends in designer frames for women. You can go for designed rectangular frames or jeweled ones to add a touch of trendiness.
Colored Frames For Women With Round Faces
What to Avoid
1. For a round face, you must avoid round-shaped lenses which will make the face look more round.
2. The frame should not be too loose and not too tight.
3. Likewise, the frame must not be too bulky, as it will make the round face bulkier than ever.
4. Small eyeglass frames look extremely funny on round faces and so must be strictly avoided.
5. Short frames too look odd in most cases.
6. Lastly, one should take care of the fact that eyeglass frames must be comfortable.
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