Designer Clothing

Oozing high on the oomph factor, the creative portfolios of many fashion designers can leave any person asking for more. Let's go behind the scenes of some of the top brand labels and take a look at the success stories behind the gorgeously styled designer clothing.
Fashionhance Staff
In today's fashion conscious society, with the plethora of designers that are capturing the market, it would be a difficult task to note down the top fashion designers all over the world! Designer clothing gives one the satisfaction of owing a piece that is unique in every way! Many fashion weeks are gaining popularity and getting bigger sales for the talented makers all over; these events also provide a platform for young and upcoming ones to showcase their talent and have a personal encounter with the consumers as well. As we sit back and think about some of the top labels that cause quite a flurry of activity once any new line is launched, we find it really difficult to pin down on just a few designers. In fact, designer clothing has grown in leaps and bounds with the number of designers that are entering this scenario and also the various kinds of innovative designs that are being created, to please the varying tastes of the consumers worldwide.
Top Names That Belong to the Designer Bracket
Oooh! Prada. This brand started off by manufacturing stylish leather bags and when Miuccia Prada joined the family business, she changed the face of the company. This super stylish lady launched Miu Miu, the first women's wear collection meant for the younger generation in the year 1988. The outfits belonging to this brand are known to be really cool, comfortable, and unique in their own way. This label also has a Prada beauty range to pamper you in true style.
Gucci is an Italian brand, which was founded by Guccio Gucci. It is one of the largest selling Italian brands all over the world. It has expanded phenomenally as a brand, and this includes clothing, perfumes, watches, etc. An interesting fact about this brand is that its Genius jeans were considered to be the most expensive kinds throughout the world. Genius jeans had to undergo a certain process to arrive to the final outlook. Such is the popularity of the brand Gucci; it has even been mentioned in pop songs and movies.
Valentino Garavani:
Now who wouldn't want to own an exclusive piece of designer clothing that belonged to the Valentino house! Such is his creativity that he has dressed many Hollywood stars that have walked the red carpet in a Valentino. Valentino is an Italian fashion designer whose brand houses not only haute couture but also a ready-to-wear collection. With many awards under his belt, Valentino got his first breakthrough at the Pitti Palace from where he never looked back!
Marc Jacobs:
Designer clothing that belongs to the house of Marc Jacobs are ultra stylish and very very haute! The ready-to-wear designer clothing includes loads of gray and muted shades in soft finishes. It was the year 1997 that saw Marc being appointed as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. His designs at Louis Vuitton are very contemporary. Jacob also has to his credit a ready-to-wear line that was the first to be launched by Louis Vuitton. His exclusive wardrobe can be found in many boutiques that are located in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, and also in boutiques that are located throughout Europe, Middle East, and Asia.
This is yet another Italian brand that oozes sensuality and glamor! Gianni Versace founded this designer label, Versace, in the year 1978. When he was murdered in 1997, his sister Donatella Versace took over this prestigious label in the design department. Gianni Versace's brother, Santo was declared CEO of the Versace brand. Designer clothes of this group has always used electric colors and fitting silhouettes for the woman. Versace for men, always teeters closely to slim silhouettes and cleans lines. Pop diva Madonna, drop dead gorgeous Angelina Jolie, sultry Jennifer Lopez, and Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt are only some of the many elite customers of this brand.
Roberto Cavalli:
This Italian fashion designer can revamp any woman and turn her into a glam goddess. Luxury clothing is his specialized area and his line of Just Cavalli attire includes an affordable range, for denim lovers. His company, Roberto Cavalli features premium haute couture and includes a wide range of sunglasses, lingerie, beachwear, and other accessories. Animal prints and bold designs form the trademark of this luxury brand.
There are just a few of the brand names that are the most sought after in the fashion industry. Although many new designers are arriving on this scene, these major names are here to stay for years to come. Call it hard work or sheer talent; these fashion designers have truly inspired many to go their way.