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Cool Rave Party Clothes for Girls

Cool Rave Party Clothes for Girls
Want some out of the box ideas to dress up for the upcoming rave party? Your search ends here! Find out some cool clothes you can do for a rave party in this article - and set the mercury rising!
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: May 17, 2018
Rave - just the word makes you feel energized and totally out of control! Rave is all about heightening your senses to a level where it feels like ecstasy and pure bliss. The term 'rave' is almost four decades old! Rave - as a movement and a genre of music - lives by the acronym PLUR, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Ravers - the people who follow rave - are sometimes compared to hippies, for their love for music and peace. Raves are characterized by 'light and fog', as I like to say. Dance forms most popular at rave parties include glowsticking, glowstringing and lightshows.
The word 'rave' originated to describe 'wild bohemian parties', and this original theme of raves has been carried through the years and into the present through the clothes that ravers wear. The fashion at raves has seen a lot of change and has gone from wild to wilder! Here are some rave clothes suggestions for girls.
Rave Party Clothes Suggestions...
... for the First-Timer
If this is your very first time at a rave party, play it safe. By 'safe' I do not mean you dress like a Plain Jane, but do not experiment to an extent that it proves to be uncomfortable! No matter what you wear and what you drink and what you eat, it is important you have a good time. Rave parties usually begin in the evenings and go on into the night and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning even. SO it is important what you wear is comfortable and something you can spend so many hours in!
Tops: The best thing to do would be a t-shirt. It is an unwritten code that boys come in black, and girls in flashy colors! So go babelicious! Wear bright colored tees - pink, green, yellow and hot favorites. If you are ok with a little bit of skin-show, you could opt for a halter neck or a t-backed tee. They look cool, casual and chic.
Bottoms: If you are wearing a fancy/stylish top, go for a plain bottom. Short tops can be teamed with boot-leg jeans. Loose over-sized tees can be teamed with hot-pants. Of course short tops and short bottoms go well together too.
Footwear: If you are gonna bear your long legs, you can opt for tie-ups. They look super sexy and are also super comfy to dance in. If you are wearing jeans or capris, you can go for sport shoe. And of course, if you opt for sport shoes, the laces HAVE TO be LED!
Accessories: Make sure your accessories don't get in your way. As long as you remember that, you are good to go!
... for the 'Been-There-Done-That' Girl
So you have been to enough rave parties to know what they are all about. You know your routine at a rave party - what you do once you arrive, and as the party raves up - and you know the clothes that best suit your dance style too! You are running out of options to choose from! What do you do? The trick here is to wear something you haven't worn before! You are going to have to take more efforts than the others if you are a regular raver, for you would definitely have tried different looks all through your raving journey! Work up a look that is distinctly different and distinctly you!
Tops: Thought about slash? Slash tops look absolutely sexy and are 'the' thing to be worn to raves! If you want to go for something more bold, what about a bra-top? And if you want something even more drastic, an LED bra-top? It is bound to make your wildest side come out!
Bottoms: Micro-minis could be something new. If you have already tried those out, how about frills? If not, a bustle is bound to change your look!
Footwear: Fluffies look oh-so-wild with short bottoms! You could even opt for stilettos.
Accessories: Whiplash, jumper-ropes, gauntlets maybe? Actually LED gloves would be better than gauntlets, though that is only a personal opinion! Basically something that is totally wild and new!
... for the Boyish Girl
Leave your guy friends shocked for the rest of the night by turning up in an ultra-feminine look! Do the works from head to toe! Boyish rave clothes maybe cool, and casual, and comfortable to dance in and all that jazz, but if you want the guys rolling their eyes and dying to shake a leg with you, you can't just do with looking cool - sexy is the word girl!
Tops: Did I just say sexy? Yes I did. Do I still need to elaborate? Set the mercury rising! Spaghettis, halter necks, loop/tube tops, corset, bra-top - anything BUT a normal or regular tee. Add LED in it, and you are bound to be center of attention! A fishnet hood clubbed with a bra-top would look feminine yet boyish!
Bottoms: Keep it short! The ultimate thing would be a mini skirt. Hot pants can weight over a skirt only if you are going to go absolutely crazy dancing. Also you can always spice up a hot pant by teaming it with a bustle!
Footwear: Heels! Heels, Heels, Heels. Period. Fluffies would be too 'girly' a change for you. But big black zip-up boots would be ultra-hot. You can opt for wedge type heels too - they will give you better footing to dance.
Accessories: Piercings would give you that edge. It's not strictly a 'girl-thing' to have a piercing in your eyebrow. Being boyish though, may urge you into one without much persuasion! A navel ring looks totally desirable too!
... a Costume Dress
There is something about a costume dress. It is just too cool to be left out! Also a personal favorite and strong recommendation. You could be a sexy nurse, a lady-cop, a fairy, bumble-bee, ladybug, army-girl, bimbo... the list is endless. Costume dress also mean you have lots of options for the accessories - antennas, hand-cuffs, whiplash, cane-stick, whistle, fake gun... this list is endless too. Just get creative - and make fantasy a reality! Stockings will also help you spice up the look. If you want to experiment there, you could opt for fishnet stockings. Another outfit that is a great hit at rave parties is 'The Devil'! Dressing up as a devil will give you room to really turn up the heat. You can wear LED horns, have an LED tail, and even an LED fork! Just like what The Satan is depicted to carry in cartoons and comics. Use pencil heels, tie-up heels, stilettos or even block or platform heels to complete the look... and watch the guys go gaga!
One final tip I can give is - gang up with your gal-pals and get dressed together. That way you all have an idea who is wearing what. It will also help you all work up a look based on some common theme if you want - for example, you could all be fantasy characters, or all be superwomen, or... or I don't know what! It is for your girls to brainstorm and come up with! Have a blast!