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Colored Contacts Without Prescription

Colored Contacts Without Prescription

Colored contact lenses without prescriptions can be easily bought and used. However, these colored contacts are exclusively intended for cosmetic use and are of no use in aiding vision. This article puts light on non-prescription color contact lenses that are available freely in the market...
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
There are several different ways to enhance the appearance of your eyes, and the most effective method of doing so is using non-prescription color contact lenses.

What are Colored Contacts without Prescription?

Those who are wondering about colored contacts without prescription, most importantly need to keep in mind that these type of contacts are exclusively used for changing the color of eyes, and are for cosmetic purposes only. These contacts in no way serve the purpose of correcting eyesight. However, they are very effective in enhancing the way your eyes look. These contacts, which do not have any impact on eyesight, are usually available without doctor's prescription. They are simply like conventional lenses, and are generally available over-the-counter.

Some of these lenses can also be used for a considerable amount of time, although a majority of them are lenses which have to be disposed off after a few weeks of use. Since these contacts do not require a proper prescription by doctors, it is crucial that wearers choose ones which are a perfect fit for the eyes. People wearing these contacts should take additional precautions, and should use them with proper care, similar to the care taken in case of lenses prescribed by eye doctors.

Color Contact Lenses as a Fashion

A majority of individuals purchase colored contact lenses as a fashion accessory to enhance their looks. By using these lenses, it is possible to change the eye color to match the apparel being worn. The fashion and cosmetic world has many different varieties of shades, colors, designs, and styles; which can be used to best match your attire at every moment. You also have the option of using them as a part of your costume or a fashion trend you may be trying to start. These lenses are a major hit in Halloween parties and fashion events. The varieties of non-prescription colored contacts are aplenty, and you can choose from colors like Aqua, Crystal Blue, Pearl Grey and Cappuccino. If you have light-colored eyes, color enhancement lenses are preferred, but if you have darker eyes or need your eyes to have a totally different color, opaque lenses are the best bet.

If you want to save money on the purchase of non-prescription colored contacts, it is recommended to buy them in a pack. When it comes to using such contact lenses, ensure that you use them as designed, and do not tamper with them in any way. If this is the first time you are trying out these lenses, simply make sure that you read all the instructions that come along, or the best option is to consult an eye doctor to know the recommended way of using them. Moreover, you can also undergo an eye exam to ensure that their use will not lead to any side effects. There are many cases when there have been serious eye complications just because inappropriate types of ill-fitting lenses were used.

When it comes to the use of colored contacts without prescription, you most importantly need to ensure that their size and shape suits your eyes. However, the best way to stay safe from the side-effects of these cosmetic contacts is to take suggestions from your ophthalmologist, who will help you in determining if their use is fine, and also inform you the correct size and shape needed for your eyes.