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Cocktail Attire for Women - This You Can't Miss

Cocktail Attire for Women
You've just received an invitation to a cocktail party. You are excited and are looking forward to the event. Your first thought is what am I going to wear. Uh oh! What is appropriate cocktail attire? The definition of cocktail attire for women are outfits that are semi-formal yet elegant. The style, color, and overall look depends on the invitation as well as the venue.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
The term 'cocktail dress' was first used by Christian Dior in the late 1940s, and it referred to outfits that were worn for early evening events. Cocktail parties have become a major social event today. Corporates throw cocktail parties for their employees and clients, whereas socialites may throw cocktail parties to raise funds for charitable causes, as well as to feature on the glamor page of tabloids.

Engagements, casual get-togethers and post-wedding receptions also, often, take the form of cocktail parties, where multicolored cocktails splash the atmosphere with merriment as people come together to celebrate an occasion, or just enjoy the company of people. But this social call can send you into a wardrobe tizzy. Many women today are opting for interesting options from the color palette.
Dressed to Drink
~ This classic favorite, the little black dress is a wardrobe necessity for the fairer sex. It is your most reliable backup when no other outfit seems right.
~ Black truly is a magical color. It suits all skin tones while hiding your flaw areas, if you have any.
~ If you have a dress that is simple, the best way to glamorize your look is to use the right accessories. You can add oomph to your outfit by opting for colored heels.
~ For the braver amongst you, try fuschia pink or poppy yellow. Match your heels with an elegant clutch that is embellished and you are good to go!
~ If colored heels are not your style, keep your look subtle, yet interesting with a pop of color. Wondering how? Well, how about a colored sash hugging your waist?
~ Popularized by Coco Chanel, the LBD made its debut in 1926. The iconic dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's was auctioned for a whopping £410,000 in 2006!
Wrapper to the Rescue!
Wrap dress
~ A gorgeous trend that suits every body type and is an ideal choice for an evening of cocktails is the wrap dress.
~ This style of dress accentuates the right curves of a woman's body while making the waist look narrow.
~ You can experiment with different prints and patterns depending on your mood.
~ For a more slimming effect, go in for a solid, dark-colored dress.
~ Vertical or diagonal stripes and large prints suit a heavier body frame, while small prints are an ideal choice for someone who is petite.
~ The V-neck style of the dress draws attention to the bust.
~ For a more modern look, pair a monochrome dress with contrasting, opaque tights.
~ Heels, stylish accessories, and a clutch are all you need to complete this look.
~ A funky idea to style your wrap dress would be to wear it over a tube top in a contrasting color. Raise your style quotient by matching your heels to the tube.
~ Introduced by Diane von Furstenberg in 1972, over 5 million dresses were sold within four years, by the end of 1976!
Hot Shoulder Front
Shoulder dress
~ This style is super comfortable, as it provides just a sexy glimpse of skin.
~ If you are someone who is not very comfortable with the idea of flaunting bare arms, you can always pair the dress with a stylish, netted shrug.
~ Solid colors are the perfect choice for a one-shoulder dress.
~ If the dress is loose, you can add definition with a belt.
~ Team the dress with gorgeous heels and an elegant clutch.
~ To up the glamor quotient, go in for a big ring or eye-catching earrings.
~ Avoid neck-pieces as these may clash with the style of the dress.
~ Jazz up the shoulder strap of your dress with an elegant brooch. You can also glamorize your dress at home. All you need is fabric glue and some jewels that you can stick on the shoulder strap, in an interesting pattern.
~ Although the dress soared to popularity when Kate Moss used it in 1997 for her designs, the original credit for this style goes to the togas worn by the Greeks in olden days.
Skirty Affair
~ This versatile piece of clothing can go from formal office-wear to something stylish for a cocktail party with just a few changes.
~ Black is a popular favorite color for pencil skirts. You can team this with a purple, red or any dark-colored blouse in satin.
~ If you are up for something different, go in for a colored skirt.
~ An excellent idea to look glamorous at the party is to team a sequined skirt with an ideal top.
~ Reverse this look with a plain skirt and a sequined top.
~ Opt for blouses with lace or frills.
~ Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! You can wear pearls or a layered neck piece.
~ For a sleeveless blouse, wear multiple layered bracelets including cuffs and delicate ones. Do not forget the clutch and a pair of sexy heels.
~ They say a knee-length pencil skirt is ideal. We say save that for office-wear. Wear your skirt as a high-waisted one for a chic yet sexy look. Add a thin, interesting belt to this outfit and you are good to go.
~ The French designer Christian Dior introduced the pencil skirt in the late 1940s, taking inspiration from its predecessor, the hobble skirt.
Flow Away!
Long dress
~ If you are a confused fan between the maxi skirt and the mini, then this style is the perfect option for you.It is the perfect combination of conservative yet sexy.
~ The skirt is available in a variety of prints and colors.
~ For a fun look, pair a bright colored skirt with a solid, dark top.
~ If you want to go in for a more conservative style, team a darker colored skirt with an appropriate top.
~ You can add a stylish belt to this outfit for more definition.
~ Opt for a gorgeous pair of heels, especially gladiators, as your legs will be the main focus with this skirt.
~ You can go in for either a sexy clutch or a chic sling bag.
~ The uneven hemline of this skirt is a sure head-turner. To make sure your skirt is the main focus of your outfit, wear it with the top tucked in to add definition. Wear the skirt slightly high to show off your legs.
~ This skirt is inspired by the hairstyle of the same name and aptly fits the description of the hairstyle - business in the front, party at the back.
Trousers Talk
~ Every girl has that favorite pair of denims that fits just perfectly and is her most trusted backup.
~ If you just cannot settle on a dress, use this backup option with the right accessories and you cannot go wrong.
~ When opting to wear denims to a party, remember that you need to glamorize your look with the right top, like sequined vests or pretty blouses.
~ To up the glamor quotient you can try a sheer or lace top that are ruling the fashion world currently.
~ A well-fitted blazer looks sophisticated and sexy. You can team this look with an elegant tote bag.
~ When rocking the denims look, wear your highest heels. Pick a pair with glitter or a sexy, contrasting color. ~ You can also add a chic belt for more definition to this look.
~ Pick denims with metal studs along the pockets. Ripped denims are a current fashion obsession and you can make the party a perfect opportunity to sport your ripped pair. Make your look more stylish by adding two or even three thin belts around your waist.
~ The word denims is said to come from the name of a French material serge (a material) de Nimes (French town).
An outfit that makes you feel comfortable yet confident is the ideal choice for a cocktail party. So, whether you choose denims or a dress, if you feel good you will look good. It's essentially about being in your elements while stunning with your looks.
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