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Color Combinations for Clothes

Want to Look Your Best? Try these Color Combinations for Clothes

Colors add life to the wardrobe. How we look has a lot to do with the colors we select. Wearing and matching the wrong colors could be detrimental for the overall look of your ensemble. Follow us as we navigate the color wheel to help you find the right color combinations to wear.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
It is true that choosing colors is a subjective preference. What could be one person's favorite color could be despised by another. The combinations that work for one person may be a complete failure on another person. It is important then to understand what colors work for you and which hues you should combine in order to look your best everytime.

Look ... What Colors Can do For You!
Carrying off the perfect color combination is as crucial as a proper fit, because colors have the ability to brighten or dampen the overall effect of the outfit. Men and women would look savorless and dull or on the contrary, too loud and flashy. Hence, searching for the right balance is essential to achieve the "complete" look that men and women invest so much effort for. For instance, men could use certain color combinations that would encompass their complete attire from head to toe. For women, well ... they are sapient enough to accessorize their attire with alacrity and equal panache. What you can do is, play around with the color chart (for both men and women) provided below and discover the enchanting color combinations that you could opt for! The color combinations that I have chosen are as per my personal taste, and could serve as a "key" when you want to coordinate colors. Who knows; it might gear you into deciding what works out for you and what doesn't; and maybe, you could come up with your ideas that would assist you in laying the foundation for your own personal style!

Enticing Color Combinations for Her
Women need to make sure that they keep their skin color and body type in mind before selecting color combinations for their clothing. Like if you have a dark skin tone, you need to make sure that you pair a bright color with a dull color to sober down the impact. In case you are fair-skinned, you need to pair up a dull color with a white or a black; this will give you a more defined look. However, you need to make sure you stick to the colors of the season. You will not be implicated if you don't, but you might end up feeling a tad out of place.

Another thing for a woman to remember is, to avoid wearing bright-colored pants, the reason being that all bright or bold colors will accentuate the body part you are wearing them on. Pants need to be conservatively colored. That will ensure that the rest of your ensemble stays in place. More so, with a traditionally-colored pant, you can get away with wearing a radical shirt color combination, as well. It stabilizes the ensemble and makes you look gorgeous.

The hues of blue, black and white (found in denims) are neutral shades that do not fail to match up with almost anything. Also brown being a neutral color, it would make a great pair with nearly any color on the color wheel. Don't you think a chocolate brown will go great with cobalt blue, fuchsia or bright red? I think so!

Color combinations for dresses are a little easier to come up with. Like a baby pink would go wonderfully with browns and mint green. You could team it up with gray and turquoise as well. On the other hand, a dark pink goes well with yellows, lime green and browns as well. The all-time favorite, cherry red,
looks to die for with blues, pale orange and pale yellow. Do not take bright yellow with it, you can ruin your ensemble that way. With a lemon yellow, you could throw on browns, blues and grays. As such, always put the colors together and see if they team up well. Avoid experimenting a lot with your color combination.
Enticing Color Combinations for Him
Men's fashion has gone past the gray flannel suit, and bursts of colors are wholly acceptable on a guy who knows what he's wearing. The safest colors for men would be white and black. They are chic, classy and very suave. Nonetheless, no one likes a guy who wears the same two colors always. So, these are the color combinations that you can try out, men!

When it comes to clothing color combinations, gray suits men. Trust me. Team it up with black, white, blue or any other color, and it will look great. Further, if you want to tone down a bright-colored shirt, throw on gray pants with a gray blazer and it will look great.

Blues are the natural color inclinations for men. So if you are planning to wear an electric blue, then the best partner to that would be tan, light brown, gray (as always) and silver. A baby blue, on the other hand, would go splendidly well with reds, gray, dark orange and browns.

Purple also looks awesome on guys. So you can team it up with a beautiful tan or a pale yellow. Turquoise, mint green and olive green would partner it well too. You need to keep the tones and the shades of the colors in mind before you start making a color combination.

The best color coordinated combinations for clothes are the ones that are made while keeping oneself in mind. Fashion gives guidelines, it's up to you to decide how you use the guidelines. If a certain color combination, which is supposed to look good, does not suit you, you can opt out of it. Clothing color matching is relative at times. Color matching combination for clothes should suit you and your environment. If they do, then go for them.
After all the above suggestions, if you're still undecided, then just step outside in the natural light, where you would have a mirror or a window, and capture an image of yourself. Cameras will certainly reveal the truth and you will be able to perceive yourself, just as an outsider does.
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