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Club Attire

Ideas for a Club Attire That are Chic, Comfy, and Stylish

There are plenty of options when you are thinking about dressing up to go to a club. Check out the article below to know more about nightclub attire.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Have a fetish for chilling out at nightclubs and shake your legs in full glory? If you are a regular at nightclubs you need not worry about what to wear to a nightclub. What about those who are not seasoned campaigners on the party and club circuit? They would naturally need to get an idea about what is club attire and clothing.
What is a Club Attire?
Club attire is all about dressing in a chic fashion, in tune with the ambiance and the purpose of the club, that is mingling with people, dancing and in general having fun. So, the mantra is to wear comfortable yet trendy clothes. If you are talking about something like a country club, the wardrobe choices are limited to less jazzy ones. Instead, they are polished and structured.
How to Dress Appropriately for Clubbing?
Nightclub attire for men as well as women sometimes depends on the club being visited and the area the club is in. In some clubs, there is a specific dress code, while in a few others there is no such rule. Nevertheless, let's take a look.
Club Attire for Men
To start off, a collared dress shirt sans a tie would be great. A dark pair of jeans which is structured well will also be perfect. You can also wear a casual sweater and a long sleeved shirt teamed with smart pants. Whatever you wear, make sure it is ironed well. Shoes have to be in sync with the attire and if you are doubtful about that, wear the usual blacks and browns. Khakis would also do but preferably avoid wearing stone washed or acid washed jeans or pants in men's clothing for clubs.
Club Attire for Women
From short skirts to low rise jeans to short dresses (Uh, did I forget to say that they should be most flattering?!), women can pick whatever they want. Incorporating leather clothing, animal print, metallic or sequined pattern would be just great. Heels are a must. if you don't own a pair of heels, knee-high boots will go well with the club wear. Don't forget to team the attire with loads of accessories! Go all out on accessories! Wear sandals, flats or sneakers if you don't want to get an entry! In case of plus size attire for women, these days, if you are a bit out of shape, no worries! You can wear form fitting and skimpy clothes as much as the slimmer girls can. So halter tops, empire waist tops, mini skirts and vinyl wear is all there for you to choose from!
Attire for Upscale Clubs
Attire for women for upscale pubs includes mini dresses and skirts, especially if you are talking of Vegas. Dressy heels, dressy top teamed with pants of the same pattern are recommended for upscale women's clothing. Remember you are dressing for do out of the office. Flamboyant and flattering are the 2 words to remember! On the other hand, men can get that mean upscale look with a jacket and slacks. In some cases khakis would do.
Thus the bottom line is, that for upscale clubs, the attire is a notch above the casual jeans, t-shirts or shorts! Well, all this description leads to one thing - dress to impress! At the same time though, when donning any outfit, make sure you are comfortable and not conscious of what you have worn. Relaxed and have a gala time!
Attire for Upscale Club
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