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Trendy Designs of Bracelet With Beads That are Truly Attractive

Bracelet Designs with Beads
There are many bracelet designs with beads, which make beautiful fashion accessories for girls and guys. Here's more about these trendy pieces.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Bracelets are among the most popular fashion accessories. These are commonly worn, not only by girls but are equally popular among boys. You can see many teenagers flaunting them to jazz up their attire. They are made using various types of materials and come in a number of designs. The beaded ones are highly popular among the other fashion accessories. Making bracelets is an easy task and a classic pass time for those who love arts and crafts. Here are some ideas that you can check out and make yourself.
Flashy Large Beads
If you want to make a bold style statement, then simple designs with larger beads are the ones for you. They are made of single colored, large beads and have a single strand. Stringed in thick elastic strings, they look wonderful even when worn as a single accessory. Matching the color of beads with your clothing needs no mention. If you want some neutral pieces, you can make those using beads of black, silver, or golden color.
Multicolored Magic
If you want to have some truly funky wrist accessories, then the multicolored bracelets are the right pick. There are various multicolored ones that you can opt for. The single strand pattern is the easiest one to make, wherein beads of various colors can be stringed in. Make sure that you use those of the same size and material while making a bracelet. Along with the single strand, you can add a few free hanging beads in between to make the piece even more funkier. Try to use medium-sized beads in this type of a bracelet pattern. While you use different colors, make sure you string them in the right order, which means that the color of a bead should go well with the one stringed before and after it.
Multiple Strands
Multiple strand bracelets are best if you want to don a wide accessory. These are attractive and highly prominent. With the right choice of beads you can make trendy ones. Take 3 strings of equal length. String in beads of a single color in each string. So, you have three single strand bracelets, each of different colors. Now, tie the ends of these with each other to have a wide layered bracelet. You can take tiny beads and then braid these strands to have a funky and colorful piece.
Apart from these bracelet designs, you can make many other patterns. Find out the various types and qualities of beads available. Designer ones make some of the best fashion accessories. You can check out the patterns online, and visit the shops selling fashion jewelry to buy beaded bracelets. Here you can also get some ideas for making them as well. Make sure you do not mismatch the bracelet colors with your outfits. Wear matching ones to have a well-defined fashionable look.
So, team up your attire with colorful beaded bracelets and look absolutely stunning!
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