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Different Types of Bracelets for All Events and Occasions

Different Types of Bracelets
Out of all the hand accessories which we wear, bracelet is the most popular so far. Go through the number of bracelet designs mentioned below to make the best one for your loved one.
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
I am sure all the women, and particularly girls, will agree to the fact that bracelets are our favorite accessories of all time and for any kind of attire. There are so many designs and patterns available in these accessories that one might just get confused. But the best part is that they go with any look; be it formal or casual. Bracelets symbolizing God, birthstone, love, and friendship are the best ones to sell in the market.
There are numerous designs which you can think of while making a bracelet, although we always prefer buying the ready-made ones. Gifting bracelets is just another way of showing love and affection to your near and dear ones so you can choose from the many ideas enlisted below.
  • Metal Bracelets:
    Metal cuff and sliver sterling bracelets look super cool, especially on guys. You must have seen guys flaunting these very often.
  • Leather Bracelets:
    Leather bracelets having wicked quotes on them and these are the currently popular accessories for men. It gives a rugged look to their personality.
  • Antique and Elegant Bracelets:
    For women, the options never end and the designs are countless. There are pearl, gold, or silver bracelets which look beautiful on the wrists and can be worn for any auspicious occasions, as well as diamond studded bracelets which are popular in weddings.
  • Birthday Bracelets:
    Embedding the person's name or sun sign and using colored beads of his/her birthstone is an excellent gift to give or buy for yourself. These are the best customized gifts you can buy.
  • Mummy and Grandma Charm Bracelets:
    A cute gift to give your mom or grand mom to show your love.
  • Bride's Bracelets:
    A "faith-hope-love" bride bracelet is as popular as any other wedding jewelry, and depicts the emotions of the bride wonderfully.
  • Flower Beads Bracelets:
    These are extremely popular among girls since they are cute.
  • Spring Candy Bracelets:
    These have spring color beads in the shades of blues, greens, and pinks woven in their strings.
  • Love Bracelets:
    These are the second most popular to friendship bracelets that the couples can flaunt.
  • Hemp Bracelets:
    These are cheap and simple, yet very popular. Knotting or braiding the hemp threads with a number of beads, randomly spaced, is one of the most popular hemp bracelet patterns.
  • Salvation Bracelets:
    These are very popular amongst Christians. They consist of a black, red, white, green, blue, and gold bead ,each one symbolizing their faith in Christianity.
  • Patriotic Bracelets:
    Making bracelets symbolizing the colors of your country's flag or wearing "Spread Peace and Love" bracelets is a great way to convey patriotism.
  • Ankle Bracelets:
    Popularly called "anklets", these are supposed to be worn around the ankles. They look very smart, and are famous among teen girls and women in general.
  • Friendship Bracelets:
    When it comes to friendship, I don't need to mention about the popularity of the friendship bands. Come friendship day, we see people buying, making these bracelets for their friends. It is a nice way of symbolizing the depth your friendship. Rubber friendship bands are also quite popular.
Bracelets with beads of various shapes and sizes and colors is a very popular trend. Designs with embroidery floss are the most common ones, since they are cheap but still make a style statement. Using strands of different shades of the same color, as well using contrasting colors along with the use of other decorative materials like beads, is just another popular idea. The embroidery floss friendship bracelets are the easiest to make at home and can be made in a twisted, braided, or woven style. The famous patterns include Candy Stripe, Chevron, Bordered Chevron, Inverse Chevron, Double Chevron, Zigzag, Hearts. All the patterns except the double chevron are quite easy, so you can try them out.
How to Make a Bracelet
  1. For making simple embroidery floss bracelets, choose the right color strands and cut them to the required length.
  2. Attach them to a firm support from one end so that it is easy to weave or braid them.
  3. Choose the pattern you want and start off with the process.
  4. Surprise your friends with your handmade bracelets!
  5. If you are really an expert in making crafts, you can make metal or beaded bracelets as well.
I hope you have got enough ideas by now. There are many bracelet designs, and they all look good. So if you have decided to make one, put in your creativity and try your hand at something new to surprise one and all!
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Love Bracelets
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Diamond bracelet
Mom's Charm Bracelet and Embroidery
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Gold bracelet with diamonds
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American Cuff Bracelet