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Best Jeans for My Body Type

If you can't seem to find the best jeans for your body type, here's a guide to help you decide the kind of jeans that will help you flatter your physique and figure the most.
Fashionhance Staff
Blue jeans on a brown wooden background
Jeans are an essential in every wardrobe. Everyone simply must have a pair of jeans, and not just any pair of jeans. A pair that is comfortable, looks good, and makes you look and feel your best. People consider jeans to be a piece of casual clothing that you can wear with anything, anyhow. While jeans are definitely casual, choosing the right fit can make you look like a whole new person. This is why it is important that you consider a good fit of jeans as per your body type and choose accordingly. Here are some great options you can choose from.
Best Jeans for Men by Body Type
For Any Body Type
A pair of relaxed fit jeans make for the perfect jeans for body type of any kind that men possess. Just make sure that they aren't too loose or they will start making you look too large. Such a pair is perfect for a casual outing or a Sunday evening. Another pair that is suitable for almost any body type is a pair of carpenter jeans. These have a certain amount of formality and can be worn as business casuals. With their comfort level and great fit, such a pair is suitable for almost any body type that men possess.
relaxed fit jeans
Relaxed fit jeans
carpenter jeans
Carpenter jeans
For a Lean Body
skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are the best for such a body type. Yes, skinny jeans for men do exist, but not all of you can pull them off. You need a lean yet slightly built body to wear skinny jeans. Pair these jeans with a pair of sleek closed shoes, and a V neck T-Shirt. You just can't go wrong if you make sure you learn how to wear skinny jeans in the right manner.
For a Muscular Body
baggy jeans
Baggy Jeans
Guys with a well built body can choose to wear baggy jeans for a casual date or an outing with their friends. Paired with a comfortable and casual shirt, these will help them flaunt their physique beautifully. Heavier men should avoid wearing such jeans as it will only make them look larger.
For Shorter Men
boot cut jeans
Boot Cut Jeans
Men who want to add some height to their body should opt for a pair of boot cut jeans. Now these aren't the retro style boot cuts, but jeans with a slight flare. They not only add height, but also give the body a slim look.
Best Jeans for Women by Body Type
For Petite Women
skinny jeans
Skinny Jeans
Women who are petite can opt for skinny jeans, as it gives them a well-defined, sleek look. Worn with a pair of heels and a semi-formal blouse or shirt, such jeans can bring out the best in them. Simply put, skinny jeans can be worn by short women, as they add a great amount of height to the body. This is not to say that taller women cannot wear them. Skinny jeans look great for several body types, but getting the right fit is extremely important. Try to avoid wearing skinny jeans with flats. Not all women can pull off even some of the best skinny jeans when worn with flats, and the entire look can appear tacky. Such jeans also look gorgeous when tucked into boots.
For Apple-Shaped Women
mid rise straight leg jeans
Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans
Women with a heavy top and sleek bottom can choose medium rise straight leg jeans. This just makes them look sleek and perfect and balances out the body well. Women who have a smaller bottom will look best in these. Such pairs also make for great jeans for tall women, with their straight and slim fit.
For Pear-Shaped Women
boot cut jeans
Boot Cut Jeans
The best jeans for pear-shaped women can be the boot cut. The slight flare at the bottom gives the body a straight look and balances out the heaviness around the hips. Wear such jeans with a pair of heels so that they end just at the heel of your foot and give you a slender look. Women with a heavy bottom should avoid high rise jeans at all costs. It just makes them look stubby and larger.
For Curvy Women
stretch jeans
Stretch Jeans
The best jeans for curvy women are what are known as stretch jeans. Women who are slightly on the larger side should opt for such jeans that fit just right, and give the body a well-defined shape. Whether tall or short, stretch jeans for curvy women just can't go wrong. These also make for great jeans for big thighs because they fit snugly around the thighs, without making them look too large.
Jeans are one of those clothes that you just can't do without. No matter what fashion trends dictate, you should choose a pair that you feel comfortable in. When you head out shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, remember that more than anything, you should feel great in them. Just because someone has recommended a pair to you, don't buy it if you are uncomfortable in it. Comfort and discomfort in clothes shows, and sometimes, it can just damage your overall appearance further. As such, always pick a pair of jeans you think looks great on you, and carry it off with all the confidence you've got!