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Follow These Instructions to Wear a Wrap Dress and Arrive in Style

Instructions to Wear a Wrap Dress
A wrap dress is one of the most dynamic outfits. This Fashionhance article provides you with instructions that are sure to help you adorn this dress in a stylish way.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The history of wrap dress dates back to 1973 when Diane von Furstenberg designed the first knitted jersey wrap dress, which instantly became a part of high fashion clothing.

A wrap dress is one of the most versatile pieces of women's clothing that any woman can adorn irrespective of her body type. This dress is basically a single-piece dress with a three-panel design that includes the inner panel, outer panel, and a belt or a snap to fasten the two. Once the dress is fastened properly, the overlapped outer panel sits free over the legs.
Wrap dresses are always V-necked as the crossed panels create a natural V neckline. The hem of this dress falls generally on the knees or just below the knees. Wearing it appropriately is important to get the right look and feel comfortable in it.
This article provides you with essential instructions that would help you sport this trendy attire with ease and comfort.
How to Wear a Wrap Dress
You may get confused with the unique design of the wrap dress that is quite difficult to be understood by the first-timers. Given below are the basic instructions that would assist you in wearing a traditional wrap dress.
  • First, take a close look and know the details of the dress.
  • You need to slip into it as if you are wearing a jacket.
  • Make sure the back panel is placed well.
  • Also check if the side seams are positioned rightly across or along both sides of the body.
  • Generally, the left panel is inner panel and the right one is the outer panel and so you have to tie the belt over the front left hip or waist.
  • A dress will have a small hole along the right side seam on the waist area.
  • You will have to pull the attached belt through this hole in order to fasten it with a tight bow.
  • The belt will be wrapped around your back and to the left side of your body.
  • There are different patterns available in the market that may have buttons or snaps for fastening.
The above instructions may not be applicable for more advanced dresses for women which have many panels or extra cloth that can be wrapped in various ways to create different patterns. Such convertible wrap dresses allow you to wear the same apparel in different and unique styles. It is advisable to ask the designer for a convertible type of a dress to know the unique ways of wearing a particular outfit.
Instructions and Tips
A wrap dress gives you a natural hourglass look by lifting the bust line cleverly. To heighten your beauty and that of the dress, you may keep the following tips and instructions in mind.
  • For more decency, you may prefer to wear a tank top or a camisole to get the modest look.
  • There are many ways in which you can adorn this traditional outfit. You can pair it with jeans or leggings along with boots or heels for a more casual look.
  • For a party look, you can couple the dress with chunky jewelry and high heels to bring about a glamorous look.
  • If your dress is made of silk, you must avoid pulling the dress too much as the seams can distend or twist the material.
  • If you do not want to worry about ironing, then go for a wrap dress made from jersey-like material that is stretchable and wrinkle-free.
  • Though wrap dresses can flatter many body types, they look the best on curvier and bustier women.
  • This dress is essentially a slimming dress that enhances the bust while accentuating the waistline and hiding flab on the stomach.
  • Plus-size women should avoid choosing wrap dresses with big bold flower prints as they can make them look fatter.
  • You can choose a print or design with vertical lines that would create an illusion of a taller you. Irrespective of the body size and type, all women should avoid such type of dresses having horizontal lines.
  • There are many patterns (for this type of dress) with distinguished features, such as mock, kimono, silk wrap dress, etc. You can choose a few that look great on you.
With the above instructions and tips, you are sure to flaunt your figure with style and oomph.
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