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Women's Plus Size Formals

Women's Fashion Guide to Choosing and Wearing Plus Size Formals

There is a wide variety in the women's plus size formals that can suit anyone's requirement. Let us see the various types of formal attire in plus sizes.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
If you think being plus-sized will leave you with very less options in formal outfits for you, then you are wrong. While few years ago, formal wear for plus size women was just some simple and not so trendy clothing, the scene is completely different now. Plus size clothing is no less in terms of style, latest fashion trends, embellishments, variety, etc.
Many full-figured women are nervous about being a part of a big crowd and are constantly worried about their body shape and entire look. You can now find many designer clothing lines catering to women with fuller figures, so no question of avoiding an event just because you don't have a superb formal wear.
Formal Wear for Plus Size Women
The important thing to keep in mind while you choose the dress is to opt for the one which you feel comfortable wearing and you are sure you can carry it well. Don't buy one just to follow the latest trends.
You should pick up a well fitting dress, this will enhance the curves and best assets and hide the ones you are not proud of. An ill-fitting dress will make you look weird.
Next, the more formal the event is, the longer your dress needs to be. Like if it is a black tie event, you can go for a floor length pencil skirt. Plus-size formal gowns in dark and plain colors will look very decent for such occasion. You can also wear these plus-size gowns or long skirts if you don't want to show your calves.
Another great style is a "T-Dress". It is generally knee length and the flares start just above the stomach and form a gorgeous A-line along the length. Your full tummy or large thighs won't be highlighted in this outfit. You can go for plain, floral prints or polka dots in this type. No need to hold in your stomach, this style will look great and it is really comfortable.
An empire waist dress gives a very stylish yet decent look and hides your tummy and bulky thighs. A plain empire waist gown with just a satin ribbon looks great on you. V-neckline dresses also look good for the fuller figures.
For the semi-formal occasion, you can wear skirts of lengths between 2-inches below the knees to two inches above the ankles. Cuts, fabrics, and details used in formal gowns make them the best for the event. You can get formal jackets to match your skirts. These jackets can be worn on short sleeved bodice. If you do want to hide your bulky arms, you can purchase an attractive shawl.
Go for colors like wine red, dark chocolate, purple, turquoise, black, etc. Don't choose dull colors, strictly opt for bright ones. If you are in confusion over selecting the color then remember that black is going to look the best. Avoid small prints completely. Stay away from bulky fabrics and opt for nylon, crepe, satin, or other similar synthetic fabrics which will enhance your curves.
Don't forget the shape-wear. Remember, it will make your formal outfit look really classy. Your dress will hang better over a push up bra or a supportive bra. Also, take time to choose shoes on the formal dress. Wearing the right pair of shoes will give that finishing touch to your beautiful outfit. Accessories will enhance the look of your outfit. You can try wearing various accessories to match your formal dress. Avoid contrast colored accessories. Go for matching or metallic ones. A perfect piece of accessory can definitely make your simple dress look completely stunning.