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Casual Clothing Styles for Women

Kashmira Lad Oct 4, 2018
Here are some styles and options that are available in casual clothing for women, that might help you revamp your wardrobe in a fashionable way.
Shopaholic ladies don't really need a reason to shop. Moreover, those who love to be in line with the latest trends would only use the changing fashion trends as a valid reason to shop.
With the increasing number of fashion designers displaying latest designs at fashion weeks all across the world, it gives you more than one reason for the same.
Women's casual clothing has seen a metamorphosis over the years. It has been given a new twist with interesting elements being added every year. Many organizations have gotten rid of the age-old professional clothing norms; most creative hubs allow their employees to dress up as per their own preference or taste.
The one image that crops up in my mind is the really hip and uber-cool 'Runway' magazine office seen in the Hollywood hit, 'The Devil Wears Prada'. From haute casuals to chic formals, this office remains to be the ultimate desirable place to work for all fashionable young ladies.
Besides, the use of accessories has only accentuated the casual look. However, before you go all out and splurge on the clothing, here are some of the hottest trends, that one can consider:

Street-style Look

This look, although may have been noticed earlier in the 1980s music videos, is revamped. Faux leather jackets and hot pants or micro minis, are back with a bang. Wear this with bootylicious and stylish casual tops and get ready to rock.
Belts with a hint of metal studs can help to complete the look. Big boots are back; flaunt them with your short numbers.

Casual Dresses

Dresses are no longer meant only for the snobbish cocktail parties, short summer dresses are very much in vogue as casual clothing. Look for clean silhouettes and feel-good fabrics. If these need to be worn for a casual affair, then you would need to be comfortable in the particular outfit.
You can team it with a short shrug for work and for that late night party, add a necklace, and some glitzy earrings with classy stilettos and some sexy lip color to party the night away.

Torn Denims

Although an '80s look, torn denims are back with a vengeance. Ripped pants or jackets are considered cool on the fashion scenario. Go in for short-ripped jackets or pants with ripped edges. You must ensure you look trendy without really looking old-fashioned.

Trench Coat

You can't go wrong with a trench coat. These are ideal to be thrown over your casual attire as an added accessory. Go for stylish colors and chic fits to get a modern look. They are ideal for that exciting dinner.

Flowing Skirts

Long or short, these are always associated with the dainty as well as the sultry woman. Skirts have always been a part of casual styles for women, although in different patterns and colors.
The layered-gypsy look is the most sought-after look in skirts. Team this with a peasant top and bling jewelry, and floor the men around you.

Haute Tunics

Tunics are a great way to jazz up a dull day at work. These are seen in basic shapes from the A-line to the pleated varieties that add more dimensions.
The beauty of these remains in the fact that it can be worn with leggings for a coffee date or can be simply teamed up with ankle-high boots for a special do.
One can consider the aforementioned styles, when planning to shop as they might prove useful to plan for your shopping. Remember to keep it simple yet stylish.