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Winter Scarves for Women

Tulika Nair Dec 16, 2019
With winters here, the jackets are out of storage. Scarves are the best accessories along with jackets to pep up a normally dull winter's day outfit.
Driving around in your car with the hood down may not be the best idea in the winter months but sometimes you just cannot resist the temptation to have the cold winds playing with your hair. These are moments when you need to have some sort of protection against the rigors of the clime.

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And what better to choose than a scarf. It is a fashion necessity of sorts and you need to choose one not only for the style factor but also for the fact that for women winter hats and scarves can be the ultimate protection.
The best part about owning them is that if you have only one jacket that you wear everyday, these scarves can be the best way to change the look of your clothes. From super expensive Hermes and Burberry versions to more affordable varieties, nothing says elegance better than a well draped scarf.

The Material to Choose

Since you are going to be wearing it in winter, you need a scarf in a material that is warm. We suggest you opt for materials like wool or lambswool. Cashmere is the best option but it is not necessarily budget-friendly.

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A blend material scarf like one that is a combination of lambswool and angora is also a great option. Silk and cotton could work, too, but they won't keep you too warm.

Scarf Options for Women

Most women have a problem of the plenty when it comes to their wardrobe. We will always buy things that we do not need and then whine about how we have nothing. The same is true when it comes to accessories like scarves as well.

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While there is no limitation to the kind of designs that you can opt for, there are some designs that gurus of fashion say should be a must have on every woman's list.

Singular Tones

Single-toned varieties are great purchases and go very well with neutral colors. So, if you own a winter jacket in black or beige, them teaming them up with scarves in bright colors like red, electric blue, or a subtle green may work very well.
Not only do these liven up an outfit, but they also bring a bit of cheer to a depressive winter.


Nautical stripes were a huge fashion trend this season. You had women strutting their stuff in cardigans and tees with this design element.
So, one of the best options for women is to opt for one with nautical stripes. If you are looking for a more elegant and sober option, then opt for pin-striped versions, that have an understated panache about them.

Checkered Print

A design and graphic element that has been stealing the show for a while now, seems like this design is here to stay. From shirts to scarves, you will spot checks everywhere.
The best way to wear them? Well, choose those that have a basic color contrasted with a bright one. Opt for electric blue and beige checks or even pink and white checks. Drape it around yourself as you would an Ascot scarf and you should be good to go.

Paisley Prints

The inclusion of this design may seem slightly incongruous since it is primarily a summer print, but this can be a great and unique option. Floral scarves are great to highlight your femininity and also add a lot of color to an outfit.
Pairing a design with another design may seem a little over the top, but try the mixed print trend if you are the adventurous sort, and wear floral with stripes.
Wearing these can totally transform how a woman looks. There are many different ways to wear a scarf, from knotting it around your neck, to letting it lie loose; the choice of draping technique is yours to make.
Scarves are elegant, beautiful, and provide a sense of balance to any clothing. Sure they exist to keep us warm but who said that fashion cannot be utilitarian.