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Winter Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Winter Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Bring out the jackets! Take out the boots! It's time to layer up. Winter's here and here's what you need to style up your wardrobe: The trends that are making all the right noises this year.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018
Trend Plus
If you want to get more out of a trend, then opt for pieces that can be layered with other clothes. For color-specific trends, opt to buy accessories rather than clothes. These will have a longer wardrobe life.
Come winter and a sense of despair sets in. You want to crib, you want to wallow, and you want to wear pajamas and laze around the whole day. But wake yourself up and get out of the stupor. The trends predicted to be the biggest ones this winter will make you want to leave your cozy blankets and find these pieces; 'coz they make living through the cold climes of dreadful winter months worth it all. 

Okay! Let's put the exaggeration aside for a bit. But believe us when we say that this winter has brought a whole new style statement to the fore, and more importantly, there are some utterly gorgeous WEARABLE trends that have made an appearance. Utilitarian pieces that allow you to cover up, glamorous trends that bring out your inner rock star, inspirational pieces that keep you longing for more, there's a little of everything for everyone, this winter.
The Colors
The many hues and shades that stand prominent this season reflect the moods of a season we know and have learned to love. From dull grays to stark whites, and even bright oranges; there is a mix of sophisticated palettes that winter time is known for, and vivid hues that reflect the urgency to imbue vivacity and variety in our daily wardrobe. With a color spectrum that allows for experimentation, let us take a look at the colors that stood out on the ramp in the winter shows.
Winter colors for women
For Women
In a bizarre turn of events, it is women's clothing that shows restraint in terms of colors this season. There is none of the usual perkiness. Instead, the shades are muted and elegant. That does not mean that bright and bold shades are completely out of the picture. Just make them your transition colors; your go-to for an instant pick-me-up.

Indulge with these colors this winter.
Looking Elegant In Winter Fashion
Wait before you go on the oh-my-God-there-goes-my-winter-with-this-dreary-color tangent! Banish your previously held misgivings about this understated cousin of black. Instead, take inspiration from shows of designers like Victoria Beckham and Burberry who put the spotlight on gray, just not on its usual dulled-down avatar.

Make it work ...
... by adding a punch with a bright accessory.
Woman Wearing Elegant Fashion Dress
As usual, winter ramps predicted things to come and now that we recognize dazzling blue as the color of the year, 2014, it is no surprise that its many siblings are the colors to don this winter. A word of caution though, hang up powder blues and pastels. Opt for cobalt blue, indigo, navy, and the bolder, bad-ass shades. Think Michael Kors and Paul Smith.

Make it work ...

... by wearing different shades of blue in the same outfit.
Pink color for women
If you're one of those people who hate pink, then sorry, but it's time to set your prejudices apart. Pink is the color of the season and seems to be on its way to becoming the new black. Strong statement you think? Well, when designers like Oscar de la Renta opt to showcase a bubblegum pink in their collection and Topshop highlights feminine pink, then you ought to do the same.

Make it work ...
... by contrasting a bold pink with a pastel hue.
White color for women
Winter white has never been bigger, and it is time you embrace this trend. There's something so incredibly elegant about wearing pristine white during months that threaten to freeze you. What makes the trend even better, is that if what we saw on the ramps at shows like Derek Lam and Proenza Schouler are to be believed, black and white is still an eternal combination.

Make it work ...
... by opting for white accessories and teaming them with pastel-hued clothes.
Winter colors for men
For Men
While women went a more muted way, the color palette for men was a vibrant and experimental one. Luxurious burgundy made its presence felt once more, adding a certain amount of dynamism to the colors men should definitely wear. Strong hues seem to be the in-vogue look for outerwear and trousers. Indulge your vibrant self, but also tone it down with the right neutrals.

Guys, make these colors a part of your winter wardrobe.
Burgundy color for men
It was oxblood last season and it is burgundy this. The dark berry hue hangover continues, and it doesn't seem like the color is going anywhere any time soon. For men suddenly waking up to the color wheel, burgundy can be just the shade to opt for. Its modernity and versatility was exactly what was tapped at the shows of Tommy Hilfiger and Tim Coppens.

Make it work ...
... by wearing a burgundy sweater with a navy blue shirt.
Orange color for men
We have always associated orange with fall and the color continues its stronghold on our imagination this winter. From rust orange to bright, traffic-cone orange, incorporate this color in your wardrobe in a shade that you are comfortable with. Mark McNairy and Shipley & Halmos were some who combined this vivid shade with a more neutral one in their shows.

Make it work ...
... by combining it with a shade of brown or gray.
Camel color for men
This color can be the perfect palette cleanser in a season where bright shades seem to be winning the battle. It is silent, yet strong, simple and never over-the-top, and yet, it has a charisma that few other colors can match. A timeless shade that can be worn with pretty much anything, the shade was spotted at Burberry and Prada among others.

Make it work ...
... by wearing a jacket in this shade with clothes in more vivid colors.
The Trends
As always the trends on the runways this season left us a little speechless (and maybe, a little breathless as well). From always-a-favorite fur, to punch-them-in-the-guts-with-the-shine patent leather, the trends that are being talked about, make you traverse your entire spectrum of emotions, with clothes eliciting childlike glee thrown in with trends that will leave you in a wide-eyed shock scenario.
Winter trends for women
For Women
Patterns and prints seem to have been the trend of choice for most designers this fall/winter with printed clothing making a huge splash at most shows. But there was a lot of love for neutrals and textures. As always, the style to ape remains a mixed bag.

Don't leave your wardrobe wanting for more. Ensure that these top fashion trends make their way in there.
Oversized outerwear for women
Oversized Outerwear
DKNY, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel were just a few design houses that embraced oversized outerwear. From big, bulky, cocoon-like jackets to cozy, crazy capes, take your pick from outerwear that reinterprets the relationship between fashion and staying cozily warm.

We suggest ...
... you cinch the coat with a belt to give it a little more form.
Plaid print for women
Tartan, plaid or plain 'ol checks? Call it what you want, but ensure that you have at least once piece of clothing in this brilliant print in your wardrobe this winter. Thank Givenchy and Versace among others who have taken inspiration from this quintessentially Scottish pattern.

We suggest ...
... you own a plaid-print clothing item in the classic black and red combination.
Leather for women
While leather jackets are an every-year trend, we saw a lot more detailing this year with embellishments and paneling on collars, T-shirts, skirts, and pants. Leather makes everything a lot cooler. And models for Chanel and Vionnett (among others) proved just that.

We suggest ...
... a leather skirt as your go-to for I-don't-know-what-to-wear moments.
Patent leather for women
Patent Leather Jacket
Cover your eyes because the shine may just blind you. Patent leather coats are just the thing you need on a day when all eyes are on you, no questions asked. From Versace to Jonathan Saunders and even Burberry Prorsum, this was one trend that was everywhere.

We suggest ...
... you tone down the shine by teaming it with a dull fabric.
Midi-length skirt for women
Midi-length Skirt
Say goodbye to your micro-minis and maxi-skirts. It's time for a whole new length to enter your wardrobe as seen at Carolina Herrera. Make way for the midi―a more practical length that also makes your legs look a whole lot slimmer. Hurray for the midi!

We suggest ...
... gorgeous flute skirts in this length to take the trend up a notch.
Zebra Fashion Models
Repeat Prints
Prints and patterns were huge at this year's shows, and the one trend that stole the show was the '60s-inspired graphic repeats. Seen at SUNO, BCBG Max Azria, and Mara Hoffman, this trend is perched at the precipice of greatness.

We suggest ...
... you start small by incorporating this trend in your bottoms.
Fur for women
If you want to go truly fur(ther) in the beastly fashion kingdom, then embrace fur, because this little baby never goes out of fashion. This fall/winter, designers like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs gave fur a new level of elegance with their jackets.

We suggest ...
... fur-trimmed accessories for those who are not completely at home with the trend.
Winter trends for men
For Men
The trends for men were the ones that stood out more with a certain penchant for experimentation, showing us how über cool menswear can actually be. From a little bit of old school to a certain amount of crystal ball gazing, there was a lot to loot from.

When the women in your life are out shopping for their winter fads, don't get left behind. Shop for these winter must-haves.
Plaid print for men
As you can see, plaid is the end all of all things stylish this season, so why should the men be left behind? Take a cue from the shows put up by Fendi and Tommy Hilfiger, and tick off all the right check boxes.

We suggest ...
... that you have at least one plaid shirt and a similarly-patterned jacket in your wardrobe.
Quilted jacket for men
Quilted Jacket
It may seem like a bit of a blast from the past, but blame Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani (among others) for your little time travel this winter. Whether it's the very-trendy baseball jacket in a quilted style, or a suit style jacket (à la Armani), ensure you own one.

We suggest ...
... you opt for neutral shades to get more out of the trend.
Colored trousers for men
Colored Trousers
What started off as pastel-inspired has now reached its a-rainbow-is-what-I-need-in-my-wardrobe phase, with more and more men picking up color to liven up their clothes. The shows by E.Tautz and Ermenegildo Zegna showcased this and teamed up the bright pants with turtlenecks.

We suggest ...
... colors like burgundy, rust orange, and emerald green to start off with.
Statement scarves for men
Statement Scarves
While most trends are created on the ramps of famous designers, this trend comes from the streets, with men making themselves warmer and cozier with big, blanket-like scarves, to make a bold statement with their choice of neckwear.

We suggest ...
... you emulate the look by wearing scarves in a plaid print.
The Looks
The trends and the colors all came together to create some truly unforgettable looks, both for men and women. We take a look at the style books, you should take a leaf out of this winter. Brace yourselves, because there's some pretty starkly put together looks ahead.
Winter looks for women
For Women
From embracing the rebel in you to going the androgynous way, there is a lot of scope for experimentation this fall/winter with new inspirations coming your way. Think structured, yet feminine. Think bold, yet serene. And you should have these looks pat down.

Incorporating these looks in your outfit can be achieved in minutes. Just keep the tips we give in mind.
Beautiful Young Woman
The Army Beckons
Strong, bold, structured jackets, camouflage prints, medal-inspired brooches, combat boots; just some of the essentials you need in your wardrobe for a military-inspired look as seen on the ramps of Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, and Vivienne Tam amongst others.

Look for ...
... fitted pants, tailored-jackets with shoulder padding, and the obvious army-green.

Businesswoman Standing With Hand On Hip
Girl Meets Boy (World)
The androgyny trend continues and how. Tailored suits (and no one said you have to stick to pants), pinstripes, oversized coats, double-breasted jackets; all these and more, were at show at Richard Nicoll, Antonio Berardi, Donna Karan, to name a few.

Look for ...
... feminine accents to tone down the look without taking away from it.
Punk Style Girl Portrait
Rebel Undercurrents
Taking a cue from the Met Gala theme of 2013, winter shows at Versace, Isabel Marant, Chanel, etc., revisited the punk look, while making it more new-age. There was also femininity on display with chiffon teamed with tough spikes and patent leather. Contrast was the name of the game.

Look for ...
... studded accessories in black. Team these with leather and chiffon.
Winter looks for men
For Men
Dressing up takes a whole new meaning this winter. While the women are embracing their inner boys and rebels, the guys are getting in touch with their more fashion-conscious selves. So, learn your fabrics and your cuts. It's time to be at your stylish best.

Create a trending look that you are at home with. Follow our lookbook tips to the 'T'.
Preppy look for men
Academically Inclined
The back-to-school look has been one that has always been a fall favorite, and this season, the trend takes a more fashionably-inclined path as it dresses up the men in tweed, pinstripes, and even houndstooth. Valentino and Tom Ford were among some of the shows that showcased this look.

Look for ...
... colored jackets to wear over more neutrally-toned pants.
eclectic dinner wear for men
Royally Luxurious
Dinner attire goes opulent this fall, and matching suits become a thing of the past. Think silk and velvet. Think paisley and floral applique. Think masculine, but don't be afraid of more feminine motifs. Think Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

Look for ...
... luxurious dinner jackets in burgundy or dark purple.
There you have it! The top colors, trends, and looks for winter 2014. Try to mix and match these trends. If you find them a tad difficult to pull off, start small with the right accessories. If you think, you find the trends tame (well, congratulations, you style diva you), then mix them together. Create your own signature look and keep it fashionable.