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Wide Calf Boots for Women

Mamta Mule Sep 23, 2018
Boots with a wide calf are the best option for women with a large calf size. You can opt for these stylish looking boots and sport your favorite look.
Knee-high boots are one of the fanciest fashion accessories. The way they complement your skirt or jeans is just unmatchable to any another type of footwear.
They are the best option to instantly don a stunning look, hence one of the must-have shoes for every woman. While these are available in a wide range of variety.
Women with large calves commonly have a tough time in finding the perfect boots. The large calf-size is often a hindrance when you wish buy a pair of well-fitted boots. But even if you have large calves, there is no need to stay away from the stylish knee-high boots.

What Exactly are They?

Wide calf boots are boots for large calves.
Basically, the standard knee-high boots have a narrow shaft, that fits well for average size of legs. But if used by those with wider calves, it might start hurting and the tight ankle space will lead to interruption in blood circulation. Further, these might lead to inflammation, pain and a lot of discomfort.
So, these boots are the right solution to this problem which will help you have the required comfort and hence, proper blood circulation. You can either opt for taller boots with wider shafts or those with entirely wider widths.

What are the Options Available?

While black remains the popular choice, many love to opt for some unique colors. Available in various materials and combo of fabrics such as hard leather, soft leather, suede leather, satin, synthetic, velvet, etc. you can easily find the one to suit your needs.
Some come in plain look, some have diamonds and metal buckles to grace up the look along with the designer fabrics. Some have a contrast fabric folded on the outer side from the top end to have a trendy look.
The wide calf women's boots are available in broad or box heels, narrow or pencil heels, platform heels, high heels, and medium heels.
There are also options in terms of the toe point in these women's shoes. Some are rounded, squared, while some are pointed.
Some boots come in lots of wrinkles from ankle, up to the top. Knee-high or thigh-high boots for women are two options in terms of length in wide calf shoes. Zips and laces are used to grace up their look.

How to Find the Right Pair?

To have the right pair of wide calf women's boots, you need to be extra careful while you choose them. A measure tape is something that will help you in this procedure.
So, get a measure tape and sit on a chair, resting your foot flat on the floor in front of you. Now, wrap the tape around the widest part of your calf. Do not leave any gap between the calf and tape. Now, measure the next calf. Note down the widest measurement amongst the two calves. If you regularly wear socks, then do wear them at the time of measurement.
Remember, that leather will slightly loosen while you wear it. Also, most of the knee-high boots have elastic section at the top that allows at least 1-cm stretch. You might be aware that tucking a skinny jeans in knee-high boots looks extremely trendy. Finally, go with the measurement, wear the pair properly, walk around, and feel the comfort.