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How to Pull Off a Pair of White Skinny Jeans With Panache

Veethi Telang Apr 14, 2019
A loose tank top, messy hair, a pair of boots, and those white skinny jeans. You're all set to leave a mark wherever you go. Dig out more about styling tips on these jeans, and set the stage on fire!
I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear, so I wear jeans. ―Cameron Diaz
Never heard of jeans going out of fashion, have you? Fashions came and went, jeans stayed. Ever since we have started caring about what we wear, jeans has been one thing ever present in our wardrobe. Wear them with whatever, and they're bound to look chic and stylish.
Thanks to Levi Strauss who gave those waist overalls an all new identity, and introduced endless types of jeans. So, what's with white skinny jeans? Why is it becoming more and more popular among people, regardless of their gender? It's because white is one color which can be teamed up with anything and everything.
Many celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, etc., have worn skinny jeans with immense elegance, which has shot up the prevalence of skinny jeans among masses.
Even though it's a bit difficult to manage (because it's white!), and is responsible for some of the most common fashion blunders, a right way of carrying it sorts out all issues. You just need to match it with different tops and accessories, and it will look awesome!
So people, if you're planning to buy one, or if you're looking for some tips on how to wear a white skinny jeans in a way that makes the crowd go ga-ga over you, go through some styling tips we've compiled just for you.


But then only trim-figured girls can carry white skinny denims well... who told you that, females? White is right! No matter what your silhouette is, a pair of white jeans is bound to make you look curvy and fashionable, being the latest buzz that skinny jeans for girls is!
However, for full figure ladies, it is always recommended to analyze your body size before going for a white skinny jeans, chiefly because you do not want to look obscene, do you? Women have this prowess of adjusting their denims proportionately according to their waist sizes and hips.
Fashion mongers all over the world have countless options for skinny jeans for curvy women which are of great help to females who're slightly outside the parameters. So, the first tip is to make sure you know how to wear skinny jeans, and keep in mind the size that fits you the best.
Now, what to wear along with them? For females who're slim and trim, a tube top which solidly contrasts with your jeans is an awesome idea. A yellow-colored string tube top will look extremely refreshing.
You could also wear a baby doll or a V-neck top of different colors, and wear metal accessories with it.
The best thing about a white skinny jeans is that it offers unlimited opportunities to wear anything and everything with it. On top of that, if you're perfectly figured, no job is difficult for you.
However, if you're towards the plumper side, long tops with trendy belts are a perfect match. You can wear loose, multi-colored, vertically-striped tops which create an illusion of a slimmer figure.
Coming to the most important accessory, a good handbag and a pair of heels are a big yes! Remember, a good handbag alone tells about your style quotient.
On the other hand, heels go extremely well with these jeans, mostly because they elongate your silhouette and add that grace as you walk, which is otherwise difficult with skinny jeans, especially if you are towards the plumper domain.
There are some awesome varieties of shoes to wear with skinny jeans put forth by fashion mongers all over the world just for you. So, grab a new pair of white jeans if you still don't have one, and start experimenting!


Are you kiddin' me? Skinny jeans are so feminine! Mate, you wouldn't have landed on this page had you still been a believer of it. Skinny jeans for men is back and how! With fashion having trashed all taboos, wearing white jeans, and that too a skinny one, is no more considered a no-no for men.
You do come across those male models in fashion magazines wearing men's white skinny jeans with such quality, don't you? So, now that you've decided on matching steps with the latest fashion for men, let's discuss some styling tips on wearing these jeans.
You have to be extra meticulous in this case, mostly because, where girls can wear it with ease and comfort, skinny jeans for boys isn't considered as that comfortable. So, the best way to look for a pair of white skinny jeans is to know as to why you're buying it. The second most important tip is to take account of the stiffness and weight of its fabric.
Unlike women, men are in a habit of carrying off some outfits in a rather casual way, which may affect the quality of your denim. What's more, too tight or too loose skinny jeans won't look good at all. You need to focus on the right size too.
Coming to what to pair with your jeans, men have a lot of varieties of upper wear to team up their jeans with, depending upon the occasion.
If you want to dress in a much semi-casual manner, you can wear a nice pullover or a shirt. Also, a nice jacket going with the shirt will be a great choice. Colorful T-shirts is another option to team up with the jeans.
However, one of the most important tips to take account of while wearing a tee is that you should be a bit towards the muscular side. This is because you're already wearing something skinny as your bottom wear, and if you're slim, chances of you making a mockery of yourself are high.
Nevertheless, just like women, there is no limit to the kinds of colors and styles you can go for since white jeans can go with everything. Just remember, a boot cut, slim-fitted, and low rise jeans is all you want to steal the show!
Even though men have lesser options to wear as accessories in comparison to women, a good muffler going in contrast with the color of sweater or pullover you're wearing during winters will add to your style. What's more, for a white skinny jeans, boots are always the best choice.
You can go for dark brown leather boots which will enhance your style quotient. There are a wide variety of men's shoes to wear with jeans that you can refer to while searching for the right footwear. Lastly, a brown or a black leather hat can turn the heat up a notch!
To wear or not to wear? Now you have enough reasons to wear this unconventional pair of jeans. Also, now that you have a handful of ideas about how to carry it, and things to team it up with, it's time for some action!
Just make sure that you're comfortable wearing it, and that it doesn't look too tight or too loose. A good pair of jeans has sex appeal, an expression, simplicity, and trendiness at the same time...all that one looks for while buying clothes!