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Tips to Take Care of White Gold Bracelets, Necklaces, and Jewelry

Tips to Take Care of White Gold Bracelets, Necklaces, and Jewelry

The elegant sophisticated look of white gold jewelry is gaining popularity among most women. Here are some reasons why you might be enticed to add these glittering pieces to your prized collection.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
When it comes to gold, there was a time when it was synonymous with the traditional yellow color. Gold itself is a pure element, and therefore, is naturally yellow. Since it is too soft, one would need to alloy it. This would mean mixing the gold with other metals, which would, in turn, make it hard and rigid enough to be used for jewelry.

So often, we find people looking for something beyond yellow gold. Today, we see white gold gaining in popularity, and women loving the versatility it offers. This is plainly because white gold bracelets, rings, and necklaces look fresh and can complement any kind of clothing. The unique asset of this jewelry piece is that it looks even more beautiful when combined with diamonds.

Facts About White Gold

White gold is actually an alloy of gold and other white metals, such as nickel, platinum, silver, and palladium. Gold is present in the same proportions, and is often indicated by a karat mark. White gold can be 18k, 14k, 9k, etc. Here, the amount of gold is the same as you may find in jewelry made from yellow gold, for example, 18k white gold is made from mixing 75% gold with 25% other metals, like nickel or silver.

The properties of white gold depend on the metals used and their proportion. That would mean they could even be made as per requirement. For example, alloys that use nickel tend to be very strong, ideal for rings or pins, whereas alloys consisting of palladium result in a softer kind of metal, making it more flexible, ideal for crafting beautiful necklaces. The actual color of white gold is a steel gray.

White Gold Jewelry

It has elegance in its entire look, therefore this metal is often on the hot list of most women. Besides, white gold easily highlights the brilliance of diamonds, and unlike yellow gold, it does not give a yellowish tinge to the jewelry. Whenever you purchase it, always bear in mind that you need to ask the jeweler about the use and care of the pieces. Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are also crafted in the most exquisite designs to woo buyers. If you compare the price factor with other metals, it always turns out to be an inexpensive investment. Although not as durable as platinum jewelry, white gold does not tarnish like silver.

How To Care For White Gold
  • Ensure you clean it with a product that is specifically designed for such jewelry. Using the wrong cleaner can cause damage. Use a dull soft toothbrush for better results.
  • Always remove your jewelry when you go for activities like swimming, and/or when you are working in the kitchen.
  • Rings are often coated with rhodium, which is the same as platinum. It is the rhodium plating that gives it the natural white color. But rhodium generally wears away and frequently needs to be plated again.
  • Always treat your jewelry with utmost care. If possible, do not allow the pieces of jewelry to rub against each other.
If you are bored with the traditional look of yellow gold, and platinum proves to be too expensive for you, then white gold is an option you can try out. With its beauty and versatility, you surely won't be left disappointed.
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