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What to Wear to a Rave

What to Wear to a Rave and Add Sparkle to Your Look

Going to a rave party? Wondering what to wear to a rave party? If the answers to these questions is a 'Yes', then you need to read the following article for help...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Call them raves, rave parties, or rave dance, these parties have loud and fast-paced electronic music. These dance parties continue for the entire night and mostly have a DJ or live bands performing. Even though it is a Jamaican word which means 'party', the parties have now become popular in various parts of the world. There are laser and strobe lights along with fog machines to enhance the ambiance of the dark rooms which such parties are mostly organized. The music is basically techno or hardcore, and reportedly, there's use of illegal drugs as well. Since such parties are illegal, these parties have to be conducted in places where many people are not aware of. And if you've been invited to one of them, you're going to need help getting dressed. Some of you may be wondering what you're supposed to wear at a rave party. Well, we're here to take away the mystery. To find out, just read the rest of the article.
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What Can Guys Wear
Wondering what do guys wear to a rave? Although nowadays, every dance party is called a rave, the venue of the party will help to select the proper rave clothes for men. Let's say it's a club or a friend's place where the party is being organized. In such cases, your aim should be towards casual wear. Why? Because rave parties last a long, long time and you don't want to be in uncomfortable clothes. Leave dancing aside, you won't be able to walk after few hours. You're going to have a physical workout at this party so if you feel comfortable, wear sleeveless t-shirt with track pants. The colors for t-shirt can be either white, red, black, blue, dark green, purple, or brown. You can also wear a tank top that hugs your body so that you won't be bothered due to the sweating. This option works for basement rave parties as well. As for the pants, choose dark colors like black, dark blue, or charcoal gray. And any t-shirt or shirt you wear over it, will compliment one another perfectly.
Now if you really wish to go all out (and are not afraid to dress up), then we can think of some costume-type clothes. You can wear a pimp hat or go shirtless. Try your hand at dressing yourself as an anime character or an Emo. Whatever your mood is, the clothes should match them as you're the one who's going to be wearing and dancing in. Be a Rock Star or Prince Charming, the choice is yours. The aim here is to dress light so you won't be disturbed or get tired because of your heavy clothes (trust me, when you begin to sweat, anything you wear will make you feel uncomfortable). Plus this goes without saying, but wear comfortable shoes like running shoes so your feet won't suffer next morning.
What Can Girls Wear
Now girls, on the other hand, have lots of choices when it comes to things to wear to the party. But the mantra here as well is to pick out comfortable clothing. To each individual, the definition of comfortable will vary. So depending on that you either need to raid your closet or go shopping. If you think that wearing jeans won't give you space or freedom to dance for hours, then avoid them completely. Opt for goth or halter tops that are loose and flowy. Pair it with a sexy miniskirt and you're good to go. Go with loud colors like electric blue, hot pink, yellow, fluorescent green, or double-tone colors that go well with either black or white. You can also wear tops that glitter as they look amazing under the lasers.
Apart from the miniskirt, you can also opt for hot pants and a cute tank top to go with it. Let your hair loose or go for the Emo style. Try to avoid layered clothes or a jacket. You're going to be sweating and you don't want to spend all night taking care of your jacket. As for the shoes, there may be foam on the floor. So don't choose furry shoes that are common with miniskirts and hot pants. Also, stay away from high heels. Go with tennis shoes or any other comfortable shoes that will keep you on the dance floor and moving on those dance moves all night long.
Now you know what to wear to a rave for men and women. While at the party, do make sure that you have enough supply of fluids (water) so that you won't get dehydrated. Be careful while at the party and make sure you don't drink or eat anything from someone you don't recognize.