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Brilliantly Helpful Tips for Men and Women on What NOT to Wear

Tips on What Not to Wear
Everyone loves giving advice on what to wear, and what flatters the figure most. However, people have rarely been given tips on what not to wear. Find some of these tips here.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Not everyone is born with an excellent sense of fashion, or with the knowledge of what to wear and what not to wear on different occasions. Nonetheless, many have mastered the art of wearing exactly what brings out the best in them. They've learned, after innumerable embarrassing outfits and awkward situations, that the secret to looking good does not lie in knowing what to wear; it's more about knowing what not to wear.
Tips for Women
Ah, women! Always worried about what looks good and what doesn't; always competing with Ms. 'Oh-So-Pretty' to look better at every social gathering, to look the best. If you know what not to wear, you'll automatically know what to wear. Here's some advice for women of different shapes and sizes on not only what they shouldn't be wearing, but also a little on what they should be wearing.
The Apple-Shaped Figure
For those of you who have a large bust compared to your hips, firstly, avoid over-sized clothes to make your hips look as large as your bust. Also, avoid wearing plunging necklines and wide lapels or ruffles around the neck, as these attract attention directly to the bust. Even outfits with shoulder pads are a big no-no! Empire cuts are not for the large busted, so even though they're the latest in style, maintain your own by avoiding them. Avoid extremely tight or tapering pants. Instead, highlight details below the waist by wearing dark colors above. Moreover, pleats and cargo pants will enhance the right curves.
The Pear-Shaped Figure
Those with a narrow bust and large hips should avoid tops that end right at the hips. Short skirts are a big disaster for a small bust, as they completely divert attention to the hips. Wear dark colors on the lower body with lighter ones above to accentuate the bust. Also, wide necks, scarves and neckline embroideries should do the trick for those with a narrow bust.
The Wide Frame
If your entire body is wide, with few curves, you have a large frame. In such a case, avoid wearing large prints, bold, contrasting colors, and pants with large pockets. Horizontal lines are a definite error in judgment for large frames. Wear long skirts, shirts with sleeves tapering at the wrists, and long jackets. Monochromatic colors are good for those with a large frame.
The Narrow Frame
This is just a narrower version of those with a large frame. Avoid anything that highlights the waist, including large belts, collection of colors at the waist, and straight jackets. Vertical stripes should also be avoided. Instead, wear anything that will accentuate the upper and lower areas of your body, such as empire cuts, straight fit low-waist jeans, horizontal stripes, and contrasting colors at the top and the bottom.
Tips for Men
Today's metro-sexual man knows exactly what he wants to look like, and wants to project the right image. Even so, there are many men who mistake the clothes they wear as trendy. Here's some advice for men on what they shouldn't and should wear.
The Skinny Man
For those of you who are too thin and always feel like nothing looks right, this is probably why: you're wearing very loose clothes to add some bulk to the small frame, or you think your slim figure is sexy and you wear all your clothes to highlight it, and end up looking like a stick figure. Skinny jeans are for women, and lets keep it that way. To look great, wear bulky fabrics like corduroy, and shirts that are slightly larger than your narrow frame. Wear jackets that end right at your buttocks; and finally wear straight legged pants to look great.
The Plump Man
You're the man who likes his weight, so you even wear clothes that highlight this fact. However, not everyone is comfortable with this knowledge about you; so avoid clothes that have large and bold prints on them. Men don't have the privilege of carrying bags for their stuff, but an equal distribution of things you have to carry in your pockets will avoid making you look bulky in the lower region. Bulky fabrics and sweaters aren't very flattering for your frame, so steer clear of them. Do not wear tight belts, as your belly will just flop out and look larger than ever. Instead, wear easily flowing fabrics such as cashmere. V-neck t-shirts and sweaters take away the attention from the double chin and highlight the chest instead. Long pants are the way to go to get the look of a naturally elongated body.
The Bulky Man
You're not fat, but well-built; therefore, bulky. Avoid horizontal stripes, as they make you appear larger. Do not wear tight fitting clothes, especially skinny jeans, as they will enhance your large shoulders. Neither will baggy clothes help. In contrast, vertical stripes will narrow your frame considerably, without disturbing your natural look. Also, small prints and monochromatic colors will flatter your frame.
Whether you're a man or a woman, thin or fat, narrow or wide, finding clothes that fit you well are of prime importance. Also, do not keep trying many clothes; it is best to go with what you are confident will suit you. It makes more sense to buy good looking clothes rather than giving preference to brands and price tags. Sometimes, the most expensive suit will not do the trick, which a suit purchased at a sale at half the price can do. Identify your body type and wear the clothes you're most comfortable in. Confidence contributes most to that classy look you want to portray.
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