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What do the Colors of a Mood Ring Mean

Wondering, what do the colors of a mood ring mean, and how does a mood ring work? Read on...
Pragya T
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Mood rings come in a simple or an intricate design. However, the metal work of the mood ring is just for the ornamental purpose that enhances the look of the jewelry. So, even though you might find many designs of mood rings or other similar jewelry like mood necklaces their functioning remains the same.
So, how do mood rings work? What really matters in the ring is the thermotropic liquid crystals present inside, which are contained either in a glass or quartz gemstone. This liquid is so sensitive, that it changes its structure according to the temperature changes of the person wearing it. And temperature changes in the body are associated with mood changes. Hence, mood rings color meanings can be used to see what the person wearing is feeling at the present moment.
What Does the Colors of the Mood Ring Indicate?
Mood rings were invented by Marvin Wernick in 1960s, and made popular by Joshua Reynolds in 1970s. They became a fad during 1970s. Mood rings are back in fashion now, and can be seen sported by youngsters.
Black This color is seen mostly when the ring is not worn. However, if black color appears while a person is wearing it then it means the person is nervous, stressed, overworked, or not well.
Gray Gray color doesn't appear as often as black, but when it appears it means the person is afraid, anxious, sad, or feeling exhausted.
White The appearance of color white on a person's mood ring means the person is bored, frustrated or confused.
Green This color when appears on the ring means, the person is in an ideal mood, which means the person is feeling calm and peaceful. As this is the color which is calibrated to the average surface skin temperature.
Dark Green Dark green like emerald-green means the person is feeling aware and involved.
Bright Green This mood ring color means the person is feeling inquisitive and interested.
Deep Teal This is the shade of green with a hint of blue, this color signifies deep thinking and motivation.
Blue The color blue means the wearer is in a relaxed, happy, or in a peaceful state of mind.
Dark Blue This color can be seen displayed on a person's mood ring when the person is feeling passionate or romantic.
Indigo This color is related to feelings of satisfaction, inner balancing, and tranquility.
Aquamarine Blue This color shows that the person wearing the mood ring is in an upbeat or a flirtatious mood.
Cobalt Blue This shade of blue signifies that the wearer is in a pleasant and open towards other people.
Deep Red This shade of red on the wearer ring shows feeling like passion, arousal, and love.
Bright Red A bright shade of red signifies feelings like excitement, adventure, anger, and shock.
Dark Orange A shade of dark orange on the mood ring signifies that the person is feeling nervous, aggressive, worried, or exasperated.
Yellow-Orange Yellow mood ring color meanings are different according to the shade. A shade of orange and yellow indicates that the person is feeling upset, confused, or a bit nervous.
Bright Yellow A shade of bright yellow indicates that the person is studying a subject hard or expressing his feeling using a poem.
Dark Brown Dark brown when seen on a wearer's ring is associated with restlessness, tensions, and fear.
Brownish-Yellow This is a unique color which indicates that the person is feeling mixed emotions.
Taupe The color taupe hints at feelings of stress, unpredictability, angst, or aggravation.
Pink This color points at different feelings, a bright pink means the person is feeling peaceful and rested.
Bright Pink This shade of pink means the person is feeling loving, affectionate, or happy. While a shade of light pink shows fear and uncertainty.
Deep Purple A darker shade of purple means the person is feeling passionate, sensual, or romantic.
Reddish-Purple This shade on the mood ring color chart shows the person is angry, in despair, or being very moody.

If you have a mood ring, you can wear it and use the above mood ring meanings chart, and match the present color of the mood ring to figure out what it means. If you don't have a mood ring then you can get a decent design of a mood ring for USD 4, and can give it a try, to see the various color changes in the ring according to your moods. However, keep in mind that mood rings are not hundred percent accurate.