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What Colors Go Well With Purple Pants: Styling Secrets Revealed

What Colors Go Well with Purple Pants?
You just got yourself a purple pant, but don't know what to wear with it? Purple - a color that instantly draws attention, and looks stunning and regal. But, you need to pair it right! This Fashionhance post will guide you on wearing those purple pants, the right way.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018
The key to rock purple...
Whether you choose lavender, lilac, mauve, eggplant, or dark purple, the most important rule to follow when wearing purple is - let the color be the star of your outfit. Purple color screams attention, and should be the sole bright clothing in an attire to get a more flattering effect.
Purple color has been overlooked for long, but now it's ruling the fashion scene, and how! It does deserve the limelight, as it instantly glams up any outfit. Purple pants are a wardrobe-must, for both men and women. There are so many shades of purple you can try! If you are a conventional dresser opt for dark purples, if you like it subtle then lavender is the shade for you, or go for neon purples if you want it funky!

Now considering the mind-boggling options we are presented with in current times, it's really tricky for one to decide what to wear with purple pants. No worries folks! We have the answer for you. Through this article you'll know what colors complement your purple pants the best. Read on, and pair them right!
For Women
There are so many ways in which you can flaunt your purple pants. And, contrary to the belief there are many colors that actually look good with purple. We give you some options...
Wear it with white...
Purple pants with white shirts
Purple pants with white color shirts is like a classic combo, which you can never go wrong with. Wear your purple pants with white formal shirts or casual tees. Any shade of purple will look good on white. Complete your outfit with a trendy jacket in black, and shoes in neutral colors.
Or Black!
Black with purple
Black looks good with most colors, and pairing it with purple will make both the colors look regal and rich. Bright shades of purple with hints of pink look stunning with black.
Pair with Pastels...
purple with Pastels
Who says you have to stick to black or white; you can pair your purple pants with colors as well. Beige or cream color looks amazing with bright light purple pants, and pastels shades of green or blue are a must-try as well. Do remember to keep your footwear subtle if you are experimenting with colors.
Or Try Color-blocking!
Purple with multicolor
If you are a risky dresser who loves to try and experiment, then try color blocking with your purple pants. Yellow being the complementary color of purple on the color wheel looks superb with purple. You can also pair a printed or tie-dyed purple pant with colorful blouses.
Print Perfection!
Purple with printed top
You don't have to stick to solid colors, printed blouses or shirts look equally good with solid purple pants. If your top has some purple hints, the outfit will look better.
Try Purple Shorts!
Purple shorts look amazing, don't they? You can pair them with graphic tees, casual shirts, or lace tops. You can also pair boots or knee-length shoes with these shorts. Yes, but don't go for jazzy colors, as they won't complement your purple pants. Keep it subtle and sexy!
Purple Shorts
Purple Shorts2
For Men
Guys you may have slightly less options than the gals, but you too can flaunt purple pants in style. Yes, they look smart and dapper for both a formal and a casual look. Here's some inspiration for you...
Go Formal...
Men in purple pant
Light-colored shirts go well with purple pants. You can also match the shade of your tie to your pant. Patterns look more stylish when it comes to ties. Stick to the blacks and browns for the footwear.
Or Cool Casual!
Men in Casual look
While the formal look was about being subtle, you can go bold when trying the casual look. For the gutsy ones, yellow and purple is definitely a good combination. Team up your casual tees with purple pants for a refreshing look. White tees and plaid shirts look cool with purple pants. Colors like gray, black, brown, or beige are best suited for shoes.
We hope you have got an idea of the numerous options in which you can wear your purple pants. If you have always been afraid of incorporating purple in your wardrobe, now's the time to let go of all your inhibitions. Go shopping for purple shirts and pants, because there's a purple for everybody! Keep it stylish!